Amber – Home of the Softest Pichi-Pichi

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It was a regular after Mass Sunday when we decided to check-out the new restaurant that opened right beside (or below) PureGold Jr in Evacom.  I’ve read how people rave about the restaurant’s Pichi-Pichi and so we decided to dine in Amber “Golden Cup” Restaurant and I’m darn glad we did!


The restaurant is located at the ground floor level (or 1st floor, whichever you prefer) of PureGold Jr. that’s right outside Villanueva Village in Parañaque.  It’s very easy to spot with all the bright signs and eye-catching contrast of the Yellow and Red color them of the restaurant.

Amber The Wandering Boots 02

About the Restaurant

A curious note about the name of the restaurant.  This branch is called Amber Golden Cup Restaurant is one of the restaurants in a chain of restaurants named after kitchen utensils which started out with Amber “Golden Plate” in Makati.  I read from somewhere in the internet (sometime ago), that the owner would like to complete all the utensils so that means having that much number of branches in the future.  I wish them luck and I really hope they would do just that because once we tasted that Pichi-Pichi of theirs, there’s just no turning back.  Needless to say, they were really good!  But we’re not talking about that just yet.  ^_^

The restaurant was divided into 2 – a dine-in section (with air-con – supposedly), and a take-out section (with fresh outside breeze ^_^).  Immediately, once we entered the take-out section and saw that there  were chairs, people seated and waiting, a long queue, and really fast working staff, I knew that we were going to leave the restaurant happy.  That’s a sign of a good or really good restaurant, when people are falling in line even if they know order number 2086 was being called and their number would be 2098.

Amber The Wandering Boots 04
Heres the take-out and order section. The glass wall to the right is what separates them from PureGold Jr. The glass wall to the left is the dine-in area.
Amber The Wandering Boots 03
The dine-in area from outside. It was really small but because people eat really fast (the menu is composed of noodle dishes and snack items), so we didnt have any problem finding our table. Also, it wasnt really that cold inside so there would really be no need for people to stay too long after theyve eaten.
Amber The Wandering Boots 11
Dine-in area from inside. Its a view to the busy Sucat Road. And yes, theres free water! So if youre on a tight budget, or simply want to allot more peso for the Pichi-Pichi, just drink water. ^_^
Amber The Wandering Boots 12
Another view with Mario caught red handed, trying to make sure our lottery ticket is safe and sound... ^_^ In a way, I think we won a different kind of lottery that day... Yep yep! more about this later in the post.... ^_^

The way to order is to line-up in the take-out section (even if you want to dine-in), when it’s your turn, they take your order and you tell them that you’ll be eating your order inside.  Pay-up, wait for your change, get your order slip or receipt (I forgot which one they gave us), then proceed to the dine-in area and wait for your food to be served.  If you decide to have the food to-go, then you stay outside, wait for your number (on the slip) to be called, and that’s it!

Menu and What We Ordered

Here’s their menu…  You can click on the image to take a look at the larger version.

We ordered Spaghetti with Meat Sauce, 12pcs order of Pichi-Pichi with Fresh Niyog, and single order of Bihon Guisado.

Spaghetti P60 The Wandering Boots Rating 3 SMALL

This was Mario’s order and we both love spaghetti without discrimination of where it came from, what time of the day we eat it, how it was cooked, and how often we’re going to eat it.  ^_^  This was definitely something that reminds me of the spaghetti from our old office cafeteria.  It was salty enough to be a viand, but I didn’t mind that at all (yes, again, I love salty food).  The thing we love most is that they were very generous with the sauce and it was already mixed in everything.  There were lots of ground beef too, so you really know that you get your money’s worth of spaghetti.

Amber The Wandering Boots 09
It was weird, and my first time, seeing the hotdog sliced like that and just dumped on top of the spaghetti. ^_^ When I cook spaghetti, I really love to put a lot of hotdog so this scared me a bit. I thought there would be not enough meat in the dish.
Amber The Wandering Boots 08
Saucy.. very... ^_^ Cant find a strand of spaghetti noodle thats not coated with sauce!

Bihon Guisado P50 The Wandering Boots Rating 3 SMALL

This was my order and it was normal bihon guisado for me, which is good in a way because it felt like I was eating a home-cooked dish.

Amber The Wandering Boots 10

Pichi-Pichi with Fresh Niyog P48 The Wandering Boots Rating 5 SMALL

THIS IS THE BEST!  I mean, I wish we ordered more!  We couldn’t get enough of this and we knew we would be coming back for more!  These were the softest, most balanced (in terms of sweetness), and most value for money pichi-pichi we ever had!  Usually I would order for more niyog, but these little delicious babies are screaming white with niyog so I’m very happy that there was no need to ask for extra.  Each of the pichi-pichi was the perfect bite-size and although they were really sticky, it wasn’t hard pulling them off of each other.  It was a fun snack!

Amber The Wandering Boots 07
Pichi-Pichi take-out box... but we couldnt wait so we ate them there and then. ^_^
Amber The Wandering Boots 06
Yummy!!! Yummy like the word was invented for these little precious. Sweet but not too sweet, texture was smooth, sticky, yet not chewy, the color was reminiscent of kutsinta, which probably added to my fascination about them because I love love love kutsinta. Perhaps that’s the best way to describe them, really sticky, super soft, sweet, bite-sized, rounded kutsinta?
Amber The Wandering Boots 05
The box has all the branches and contact information.


The Pichi-Pichi was the highlight of the day to the point where we even forgot about the bihon and spaghetti we ordered!  I would love to try Pichi-Pichi with cheese and their other variations, but I can’t imagine any other combination that could top the fresh niyog experience, then again, I may be wrong.

Amber The Wandering Boots 13
Look what we found among the bills they gave us as change. ^_^ UST 400 years!

Contact Information:


TAKE NOTE:  It’s best to ask how much the delivery charge is (if you want to have your ordered delivered).  We tried to have our 40pcs pichi-pichi delivered before and they said that the charge would be P100.

Amber Golden Plate (Makati City):  884-8888 / 884-2222 / 845-0964 / 843-8722 / 886-1313

Amber Golden Spoon (Muntinlupa City):  862-0000 / 862-0017 / 862-022 / 862-8008 / 862-1924

Amber Golden Pot (Mandaluyong City):  533-1111

Amber Golden Bowl (Quezon City):  372-2222

Amber Golden Cup (Paranaque City):  829-9999


18 thoughts on “Amber – Home of the Softest Pichi-Pichi

  1. worst delivery !!! i ordered 2 days in advance and they even confirmed. now, its xmas eve and im still waiting for already 2 hours since the agreed time of delivery..

    compared to makati branch……two thumbs down!!!


  2. Hi Anne!

    This post was really helpful. I googled ambers paranaque and your page was on top of the list!
    Now I’m waiting for my food to be delivered. Can hardly wait!hehe

    May “a reader” ka na?:)


  3. Tl’ watym is ur dlvery hrs. amber restaurant. I’m from palm grove residences Dominic savio st. Better living Paranaque. Is there a dlvery charj already. Tnx2


  4. Hey there, I think your blog might be having browser compatibility issues.
    When I look at your website in Firefox, it looks fine but when opening
    in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping.
    I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, superb blog!


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