Make Your Own Milkshake – Beat the Summer Heat!

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Heat wave, everyone!  Although the real summer heat was a little behind the schedule (heat wave should’ve arrived as early as March), I still can’t believe we’re going to have to bear with all this hot summer for at least 1 or 2 more months!  It barely has been 3 days before I really felt the summer heat and I’m just about to give up if I can…  Luckily, there are ways we can fight it in terms of protecting your skin, wearing more comfortable, light colored, and airy clothes…  and there’s by way of food!  Summer is a good excuse to making your own milkshake at home!  Say hello to my creamy strawberry milkshake!

Milkshake Recipe

This is hardly a recipe, and I bet a lot of you know how to make your own, but let me put this here anyway (for those who may not know how to)…  ^_^


Fresh Milk

*  Not flavored anything else, preferably, so that it won’t play tug-of-war with the flavor of your ice cream.  But if you’re pairing it with vanilla ice cream – which is a little bit neutral than the other ice cream flavors, then you can probably use strawberry flavored milk or chocolate flavored milk if you like)

Your preferred flavor of ice cream (I recommend vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry)

*  It’s best to stick with the regular and non-chunky ice cream variants because Milkshakes (at least traditionally) are smooth and creamy.  If you try using rocky road or nutty ice cream flavors, it would be hard to blend and smooth out the chunks without melting your ice cream all the way.  But if you prefer that, then by all means, go ahead.  ^_^

Whip cream (optional)

*  You’ll also need a blender, or a hand-held mixer.  If you don’t want to use any of those, then you can also just use your spoon or fork to mix everything together but don’t expect a really smooth result.

How to Prepare Your Very Own Milk Shake

There’s nothing more simple than this.  Just put 5 or so scoops of ice cream into the blender, or into your glass (if you’re not using a blender).  Pour in some milk.  I suggest 1:3 proportion.  That’s 1 part milk for every 3 parts ice cream (no, we’re not mixing liquor here – maybe we should… ^_^).  You can add more ice cream if you want your shake to be really thick, creamy, and sweet.  Add whip cream on top and you’re good to go!

The ice cream I chose used real strawberry that's why there were spots on the shake which are actually strawberry bits and seeds.

Smile at the sun as you hardly feel the heat with your super cool milk shake!  You never have to leave house again if you want 1 tall glass of this!


2 thoughts on “Make Your Own Milkshake – Beat the Summer Heat!

  1. this recipe is amazing!

    50g butter
    30g sugar
    dash of vanilla
    1/2 cream
    1/2 milk
    hand full of mixed berrries (strawberries,raspberries,blueberries)
    blend togther till frothy


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