Impressca – Take Your Healthy Habit To The Mall

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So I find myself in the northern parts of Metro Manila, hungry, and craving for anything with the color green, anything devoid of or has less preservatives than the usual processed food, and I though my search was in vain but I found it!  A perfect little place at SM North EDSA The Block called Impressca, impressed me… ^_^  Honestly, it’s hard to find a restaurant that mainlines salads and sandwiches.  All other restaurants list them under appetizer and do half-@$$ jobs making one, or giving awesome choices and prime ingredients for prime price too (or charging too much that would make gasoline price hike blush).  Impressca is a perfect in between…  Good simple choices, basics covered, and fairly priced.

About the Restaurant

It’s located at the 4th Floor of SM North EDSA The Block.  You’ll see it immediately when you get off the escalator.  It’s a big size kiosk and the seats are out in the open.  It looks so inviting with the comfy couches, seats, nice clean floors, clean kiosk, everything neatly tucked away except for the display of greens and fruits.  Every nook has a purpose, and even part of the kiosk is a counter with high stools where people can also eat when the soft couches and seats at the side and back of the kiosk is taken.

The Wandering Boots _ Impressca 13
How can you not want to eat there! Remember, I love my space when dining so open space is really all the space you can ask for! The seats are comfy with the cushions and all. One feedback is that some tables (coffee tables) are too low for me... That's part of the reason why I opted to seat at the back with the higher table. I don't like bending to reach for my food too often.
The Wandering Boots _ Impressca 10
Table still too low for me, but I do love the seats! I took this photo while seated at a much higher seat, not cushioned but still comfortable, and with a higher table. Good to have choices of where you want to sit. I would have also liked to eat at the counter with the high stools (you can see that in the other photos).

About Their Menu

Sandwiches, salads, pasta, fruit juices, smoothies, shakes, tea – in all the healthy colors of green, red, yellow, white, and orange.  If you want something with chicken, they have it (Chicken Salad), something with ham, they have it (Ham and Cheese), something with fish, they have it, (Tuna Pimiento).  Check out the great ensemble yourself!

The Wandering Boots _ Impressca 11
Prices are healthy for your pocket too! ^_^ So that's a plus to me. Click the photo to get a bigger image.
The Wandering Boots _ Impressca 12
Remember the Wedy's salad bar? Well, now it's Impressca's Load all you Can for P99! I want to try that next time with Mario... ^_^ And you can see the high chairs/stools in the background.

What I Ordered

I was originally craving for a healthy sandwich so I was looking for the sandwich kiosk I passed by in the same area earlier that day, but for the life of me I couldn’t find it anymore.  That’s when I found Impressca and saw that they offered sandwiches too (from afar, you’d think it’s all salads).  So I ordered Tuna Pimiento which came with a choice between iced tea or coffee (I chose iced tea), and I also ordered their Cheesy Fruit Salad.

The Wandering Boots _ Impressca 01
Here's the salad and the iced tea. I was waiting for the sandwich to be served.

Tuna Pimiento with iced tea or coffee (Regular P80 / Double Deli P100) The Wandering Boots Rating 4 SMALL

Usual tuna sandwich using wheat bread (which fills you up really fast and keeps you feeling full for a good number of hours), cucumber, fresh greens, tomato, mayo, and onions (I think I tasted onions).  Nothing special about it really, but somehow I felt so satisfied and full even though I came there like I haven’t eaten since morning (this is lunch time), and yes, I wasn’t able to eat breakfast that day.

The Wandering Boots _ Impressca 06
A good pair of healthy wings! Just what I needed to recharge a much needed energy for the rest of the day.

The Wandering Boots _ Impressca 08

The Wandering Boots _ Impressca 02
Here's the red iced tea that came with it. Cute little cup that looks more like an ice cream cup than a drinking cup. Something about the color of the tea and the green logo makes you think of Christmas... ^_^;

Cheesy Fruit Salad (P59) The Wandering Boots Rating 4 SMALL

Serving size for this one is small.  I didn’t really taste the cheese in the salad too much, but what I love is the many slices of apple!  It was like every fork full had 2 slices of apple.  I think I made a pretty good combination of orders that day because this finished the meal perfectly.  Sweet in a fruity kind of way (not sweet like sugar, but natural tasting sweetness), and light cream.

The Wandering Boots _ Impressca 09
If the serving's too small for you, you can try the "LOAD ALL YOU CAN for P99" promo that they have.


I wish there are more kiosks like this, serving healthier options and specializing on salads and sandwiches.  I enjoyed my meal and although it looked like it wouldn’t really drive my hunger away, surprisingly it did!  I walked away feeling full, healthy, and satisfied.  Actually, I walked away wishing they had a branch at MOA!  I’ll be trying their “LOAD ALL YOU CAN” option for the salad but I’ll make sure to bring Mario along with me when I decide to do that.  ^_^

The Wandering Boots _ Impressca 03

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2 thoughts on “Impressca – Take Your Healthy Habit To The Mall

  1. I am all for healthy eating! And reading how your experience was great and all that… I am more than tempted to try this out. But yes… too bad it’s too far from me :( I hope one time me and my friends could drop by the North.


    1. Ah yes, I wish they had more branches. I tried to look back at my experience and wondered what made it so special and why I rated it high, even though it’s just sandwich and salad. Ultimately, I think it’s the overall package of good choices on the menu, plenty enough and not too many (not overwhelming), and that it’s a healthier option than fast food. I hope more kiosks or restaurants that specialize on greens and low-calorie options gain more attention in the foodie world so that they have a reason to put up more branches and think up of more exciting menu.

      Thanks for dropping by!


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