Going Vegetarian Defined

I realized that when I started going meatless 3 months ago, I called my self – “…someone who is not eating meat anymore”.  Yep!  I wasn’t calling myself vegetarian (although I thought I was), just because I wasn’t too keen on labels and I was self-conscious.  I didn’t want to use the term incorrectly and shame everyone else who are “more aware” and “more experienced” in that area.  Maybe I was just insecure but I had a feeling that to become a vegetarian you had to register or really make a huge change in your life like buying a new fridge just for all the veggies or something.  I don’t know if someone can relate to that but that’s how I felt.  Then I started reading about it, and now I’m sure I’m a vegetarian — a lacto-ovo vegetarian to be specific.

The Wandering Boots_Vegetarian Tous Les Jours Bear Cake
Tous Les Jours Chocolate Bear Cake (Greenbelt 5, Makati City)

Medical Daily has a really good article that explains the difference between being a vegetarian (full-time and part-time, or lacto and ovo) and being a vegan.  Really quickly, Vegetarians generally don’t eat meat.  Semi-vegetarians don’t eat red meat, lacto vegeterians don’t eat meat and poulty (but eat food with dairy), ovo vegetarians don’t eat meat and food with dairy (but eat poultry), a lacto-ovo vegetarian eats fruits, vegetables, poultry, and dairy. Vegans on the other hand, just eat plant-based food (fruits and vegetables).  I made a quick infographic (my first attempt) that hopefully helps visually explain all of that.

The Wandering Boots_Vegetarian vs Vegan

Well, that’s it.  So if you’re thinking of being a vegetarian (or vegan), you can start deciding if you’re going to include or exclude dairy and poultry in your diet, or just be semi-vegetarian and just avoid red meat (beef, pork, lamb, etc).  You can also choose to be vegetarian a few days a week at first if you think that it will be difficult for you to transition to being a full-time vegetarian all days of the week.

The Wandering Boots_Vegetarian New Zealand Ice Cream
New Zealand Ice Cream -so yes, we can still eat ice cream, cakes, chocolates, and leche flan!

The Wandering Boots


The Wandering Boots is going MEATLESS

We are now vegetarians (my husband and I).  I don’t know if this is good news to those who follow my blog, or those who have tried going back to it looking for new updates on restaurants.  Or those who just happen to stumble upon my blog because of the previous “meaty” escapades posted.  I’ve decided to revive The Wandering Boots and reflect the changes we’ve made in our diet, document my experience and post options for people who have decided or are thinking about going Vegetarian full-time, or part-time.

The Wandering Boots
Vegetable Omelette by Roberta’s Seafood Restaurant (Maginhawa St. Quezon City)

First off, this requires a bit of explaining.  Is it by choice, or is it something that was dictated to us?  Is it because of belief, or is it because of diet?  It’s a combination of being a choice (of course everything is by choice – technically), and something that we needed to do because of my husband’s alarming progressing liver issues.  Don’t worry, that can be a point of discussion for another post.  I personally love veggies, and can live on them alone, but my husband, well, it’s something that he is learning to love, and he seriously is loving it now.  We did not decide to do this just to shed off some pounds although I’ve been told, and I’ve read, it can help in that area as well.  We didn’t do it because we believe that animals shouldn’t be eaten, although we both love animals in all shapes, sizes, and from different habitats – alive, we have nothing against people enjoying animals as food (especially food animals who have a sustainable population in the wild).

The Decision

The decision to go meatless was drastic.  I was thinking about it for quite some time now, but Mario got his idea to join me when he got his latest medical tests.  Was the switch from meat-full to meat-less difficult?  Well, not during the first few days.  I knew I had to cook for us and maybe take some home cooking to work, so it wasn’t a struggle of will.  We knew we were going to put in extra effort into looking for restaurants that offer meatless options.  We knew we would be paying full price on items even if we request all meat be removed – and we were prepared for the funny stares and the puzzled looks restaurant crews were going to give us.  So if someone would ask me if it was difficult, I’d say no.  It wasn’t.  Because we were mentally prepared (or psyched ourselves with the worst scenario), and during execution, it wasn’t that bad at all.

The Wandering Boots
Gatang Sitaw at Kalabasa by Mangan (Glorietta, Makati City)

The First Few Days

We’re 3 months into being meatless, so we’re no experts.  That being said, it also means that the memory, the feelings, and the thoughts we had when we first started 3 months ago, are still somewhat fresh.  First few days were “fun”.  There as a lot of “kasi vegetarian na kami” (“because we’re vegetarians now”) whenever we’d decline offers of all meat pizza, or really creamy and spicy kaldereta, perhaps my favorite sinigang (regardless of which protein).  It was really fun the first few days.  It’s the feeling that you now belong to a special group of people where membership is few.  There’s also the puzzled look on people’s faces after we let them know we’re vegetarian.  Somehow I get a feeling that they were expecting vegetarians to be slimmer (a lot slimmer) than the two pretenders in front of them.  Luckily, we’ve gotten over that with stronger resolve and a lot of getting used to.  :)

The Wandering Boots
Vegetarian Curry by Tamarind (SM Aura, Taguig City)

So Far

It’s been 3 months so far and we’ve gone on a 3-day out of town trip with friends (Baler), been dining in office canteens, mall food courts, and at home – all while being vegetarians.  Well, it’s been fun, but not without its challenges, but, it’s been fun.  ^_^  And I’ll write more about it.

The Blog

The wandering boots will still retain its previous post, but all future posts will be on vegetarian options in restaurants that we normally would never have tried ordering, which can be enjoyed by vegetarians and meat-lovers alike.  I’ll be sharing some recipes and tips that can help those who are thinking about making the switch.


The Wandering Boots

Changing Blog Format

The Wandering Boots

Hello readers and foodies!  I’ve been so notoriously late in posting articles for this blog and I apologize!  I’ve been busy with my post-graduate studies and just started doing a more time demanding work.

Here’s my idea of a compromise and I hope y’all accept.  Less text, more photos… ^_^

I know a lot of you appreciate the great effort I make to put in as much detail as I can on the description of the ambiance/over-all feel of the restaurant, the general impression of the prices on the menu, view from outside-in or the other way around, and (most importantly) the taste, texture, and smell of the food.  So that I can quickly post articles, I would need to cut down on the chatter and concentrate on the visual… ^_^  But here are the details I promise each article will have:

  • Name of the restaurant (duh!)
  • Location (and map if necessary/available)
  • Short story on how I discovered/learned about the restaurant
  • Photos of the restaurant
  • Photos of what we ordered (price, and The Wandering Boots rating)
  • Over-all The Wandering Boots verdict
  • More information about the restaurant (contact number, etc)


Sounds good?  ^_^


I hope to be blog revived soon and I have tons of photos to share!  Keep on checking!



The Wandering Boots

Wedding Preparations = Inactive Blogging

We’ve been so busy with all the preparations and as proof, my room has been transformed to a cramped workshop/officespace.  I’ll update this post with pictures once I get the time to stop and click away…

We’ve been really relax about the preparations and have just started to feel the pressure.  We’re doing a lot of our wedding stuff ourselves — invitation, wedding favors, gifts, table numbers, and all the other small details.

I’ll start blogging actively again after the wedding (I promise)!

Enjoy life for now, everyone!