Zark’s Burger – Titans of Burgers Delivered at Home

There are just some days where you don’t feel like going out, yet you are craving for a specific food from a specific place.  Well, those days hit me as often as regular days do, especially with the unpredictable weather and how bad traffic is nearing the holiday season.  I made a discovery that could really save me from the insanity of being torn between satisfying my craving and going out to endure traffic and extremes of weather (really hot or really rainy).  I tried which is a site where you can order food from a lot of restaurants ranging from fastfood, pastry to fine cuisine.  Their promise is to deliver the food hot – if it’s suppose to be hot – and cold – if it’s suppose to be served cold.  Let’s put that to the test then.

Out of the many choices, inspired by one of our favorite TLC shows, Man Vs Food (we hate Adam for doing our dream job), we took on Zark’s Burger.  Why?  Well, I can give you 1 compound word as a reason – TOMBSTONE!  What is TOMBSTONE?  You’ll see in a second…  It’ll be hard to miss… ^_^

The Quick Delivery Service

The Website

Everything starts with the website,, where they have a selection of restaurants (just click on “ORDER NOW” to get the list) and you can see each of the restaurant’s menu by clicking on the menu links.  Our craving for something worthy of Man Vs Food challenge took us to Zark’s Burger (right at very bottom of the list).

Quick Delivery - Zarks Burger
Screenshot from their website. Pretty impressive and the pictures are awesome! Made me hungrier looking through the list. The thing is, I use websites to tell me if an organization is good or not. It really says something about professionalism, creativity and just attention to details.

One thing I wish they would improve on is the menu.  I would like some photos on the menu just so I get an idea what I’m ordering.  Although each item has description of how the food is cooked or the ingredients used, something visual, at least for the “must try” items, would be better.

The Call

The number to call, after choosing from the menu, is 2121212.  Simple enough to remember especially if you just take note that they deliver TOanyONE (get it?).  The person who took my call was pleasantly friendly and very accommodating.  It was like he was really happy to take my order!  Of course he was! ^_^;  They had some thinking to do when I said I wanted Zark’s Burger but I lived in Parañaque (Taft to Pque…) but I said I was willing to wait and that I’m aware the food quality may not be same as the restaurant due to the distance the delivery man would have to travel.  I understood all that and they finally said YES, we can deliver!  WHEW!  I would have really been disappointed if I couldn’t order TOMBSTONE.

The Delivery

After being quoted 60-90mins, an hour later, our orders arrived!  This is fast enough for me considering where my order came from.  I was really not expecting a whole lot in terms of how the food would look when it got to us because just the delivery experience from the usual fastfood restos where sauces would drip out of the styro or the coke just spilling everywhere.  But lo and behold, every single item -as soon as we unveiled them from layers of foil, paper wrappers and styro – would look like they were brought out straight from a kitchen!

One thing though, I think ice melted in the ice tea because, although cold, they tasted like a lot of water and just little iced tea.  Maybe it would be better to put the ice on a separate container that can preserve it’s “iceness”, and just add it to the drink as a finishing touch before giving it to the customer, or maybe just giving the customer the ice on a separate plastic.  I didn’t think of instructing them during my call, but I wish I had told them not to put ice because we have ice at home.  Maybe next time…


Here’s the exciting part!  Zark’s Burger is probably one of my foodie dreams that just came true!  HUGE BURGERS with REAL QUARTER POUND or HALF POUND PATTIES which will leave you full until the next day!  No kidding!  And the taste is incredibly wonderful!  Just the flavor that was drilled into the thick patties is exceptional!  Those patties are heaven, really!  Like too much of a good thing!  Am I exaggerating?  Well, see for yourselves!


Here’s what we ordered:

Nachos P65.00 (Tortilla chips topped with cheese sauce and home-made tomato salsa on the side.)

Quick Delivery - Zarks Burger
These are just normal Nachos. Nothing really special and I wish the salsa sauce and the cheese would be more. Maybe 2 sauce containers each instead of just 1? They also had Nachos Galore which would have lemon garlic sauce and bacon for 85php.

Wings N Chips P95.00 (Crispy chicken wings (classic buffalo or barbeque buffalo) – We chose Barbeque Buffalo

Quick Delivery - Zarks Burger
Doesn't this look really delicious!? And it was really just right for us! Well, especially Mario. He has a sweet-tooth and can't stand anything that's too spicy, but these wings have both spiciness about them and sweetness on the sauce. LOVED IT! I also love how the fries are THICK and moist and hand-cut! Real potatoes!

Deep Fried Burger (Half Pound (1/2) P185.00, Quarter Pound (1/4) P150.00. DEEP-FRIED Mushroom cheeseburger w/ a choice of sauce on the side! This should be on your TOP 10 FOODS TO EAT BEFORE YOU DIE LIST w/ fries.) – We chose half-pound and Tartar sauce.

Quick Delivery - Zarks Burger
I never had deep-fried burger before, but Adam from Man Vs Food has, so this is something new that I welcome with both arms!
Quick Delivery - Zarks Burger
Is he smelling the deep-fried goodness? Or dreaming the burger to life?
Quick Delivery - Zarks Burger
True to its name, deep-fried burger, when we cut it with a knife, you can hear the crunch! And it was really hot to the touch too! Here's how a half-pound patty looks like from the inside, everyone! Insane! Right!? Well, it wasn’t a perfect cut, but don’t blame me! Mario did the cutting… ^_^ Although it was Deep-Fried, it wasn’t oily like how breaded fried stuff usually are.

Tombstone P500.00 (Two pound cheeseburger covered w/ cheese sauce & served w/ 200 grams of fries!)

This, my friends, really got me excited!  It was wrapped in foil, really hot, really really amazing!  Like one of the wonders of the world!  Without further ado, I would like to introduce you to TOMBSTONE!

Quick Delivery - Zarks Burger
That's half-pound each patty with cheese in between each one to hold them together and 200gms of real potato fries! I call it, "Death by Burger".
Quick Delivery - Zarks Burger
Too big even for Mario.
Quick Delivery - Zarks Burger
In the end, here's what was left of the Tombstone burger. I was only able to eat the top bun and 1 patty, plus some fries... You can see I added salt to my fries. That’s just one of the benefits of eating at home; you have access to your own condiments and seasonings!

I have a great idea for this burger!  You can have it delivered to your office, or your house at one of your friends’ birthday party, and have an eating competition!  Just challenge people who can finish the mammoth of a burger in the quickest time!  I’ll do that with our family and challenge my brother.  But for the meantime, I need more practice, at home!  So I might have a Tombstone delivered via Quick Delivery again soon!


Mario and I enjoyed the experience of a food adventure right at the comfort of our home.  It was a nice new experience instead of having the usual fast food.  And both Quick Delivery and Zark’s Burger delivered true to their promise.  Delivery to any one with food staying hot or cold as they should be – for Quick Delivery and HUGE burgers from Zark’s Burger!


Quick Delivery:

Telephone No:  2121212

Office Hours:  10:00AM to 10:00PM (Monday to Thursday) and 10:00AM to 10:30PM (Friday to Sunday)


* GC provided by QD for blogging purposes but the whole article
 is 100% the opinion of the writer and was not influenced by the company.

SR Thai – Good old College days

UST Dapitan Area (parallel to Espanya), is known for being a big food arcade.  From fastfood to karindirya to “streetfood”, you’ll find it there.  For this visit, we were looking for something airconditioned and where we’re sure to get our money’s worth, that’s when I remembered SR Thai.

About the Shop

After PE in the morning, we’d go to this airconditioned haven for good food and some peace and quite before battling with the professors.  I attended class in the College of Commerce building which was near the Dapitan exit that’s why this was also very convinient for us when waiting for our class to start.

The place is looks small but there’s an extension (a big extension) at the back that’s not really visible from the entrance.  Somehow, even if the place has been maximized with chairs and tables, I didn’t get the feeling that it’s too cramped.

You can see here that the spaces were maximized with tables and chairs, but since the furniture are slim and the floors aren't hidden, they make an illusion that the place looks spacious than it actually is.
You can see here that the spaces were maximized with tables and chairs, but since the furniture are slim and the floors aren't hidden, they make an illusion that the place looks more spacious than it actually is.

About the Menu

I had already forgotten what I usually ordered there although their menu hasn’t really changed a lot especially the ever so reliable menu-on-the-wall.  Prices are still very competetive and the menu options are very familiar (no fried hulabalu dishes).

Menu on the wall.  Every table has one.
Menu on the wall. Every table has one.

About the Food

Mario ordered the Seafood Fried Rice (which was spelled “Fired” Rice on the booklet menu ^_^;).  I got Beef in Oyster Sauce.  They’re also famous for their really good chili sauce which is one of their condiments which is also available in every table.

The serving size is big and it’s good for those who are trying to cut back on sodium.  The food isn’t salty, nor is it bland, it’s just right.  If you want to add flavor, just add soy sauce according to taste.

Seafood Fried Rice
Seafood Fried Rice
Beef in Oyster Sauce... I wasn't able to finish the whole thing so Mario had the pleasure of cleaning my plate.  ^_^
Beef in Oyster Sauce... I wasn't able to finish the whole thing so Mario had the pleasure of cleaning my plate. ^_^


Some things are better off staying the same over the years and I’m glad to say that SR Thai is one of those shops I had hoped for and fortunately have stayed the same.

We’ll be back for more!

Can't hide the tummy anymore, ei!?  ^_^  And yes, it was a bad hairday but I was happy, at least my tummy was happy.  ^_^
Can't hide the tummy anymore, ei!? ^_^ And yes, it was a bad hairday but I was happy, at least my tummy was happy. ^_^

Cerealicious – Cereals for merienda, anyone?

We were hunting for a mirienda shop with the likes of Quickly and Zagoo, but when we saw Cerealicious and their very tempting posters, we decided to try them.

Mmmmm... Tempting...  Yummy photos!!!
Mmmmm... Tempting... Yummy photos!!!
60php only for the Cereal Shakes, imagine that!
60php only for the Cereal Shakes, imagine that!

I’ve never really liked cereals especially with milk or anything liquid.  If I had to eat cereals, I guess I’d rather have them straight from the box.  But all the chocolates on the photos were calling out to me so I decided to give it a shot.


Their products range from Blockbusters (cereals with a lot of stuff), Milkshakes (choose the Blockbuster flavor you like), Bananasplit and Create-Your-Own.

If you want to create your own cereal treat, you have to follow these steps (picture taken from their website):

So options to choose from... We saved ourselves the trouble of choosing and just went with the Blockbusters.
So many options to choose from... We saved ourselves the trouble of choosing and just went with the Blockbusters.

We opted to just choose from what they have and we both decided to order “About-Ahoy”, Mario got the Cereal version, I got the milkshake version.

Here are the Blockbusters flavor.  Sorry if it's absolutely no use but you can visit their website for the complete list (
Here are the Blockbusters flavor. Sorry if it's absolutely no use but you can visit their website for the complete list (
About-Ahoy Cereals (left) and About-Ahoy Milkshake (right)
About-Ahoy Cereals (left) and About-Ahoy Milkshake (right)
Cute Polar Bear mascot for the cups!
Cute Polar Bear mascot for the cups!

The names of their Blockbuster flavors are spoofs of movie titles which also give a hint of what’s mixed into that treat.  Samples are “Nutting Hill” (nuts), “Mint Joe Black” (yes, has mints) and “Oreo + Juliet” (with Oreo).

About the Taste

The reason why we ordered About-Ahoy is because we thought it’s one of the sweetest mix in the options, but we were wrong.  It was obvious we were eating/drinking cereals with just hints of sweetness every now and then.  If ever we’ll try Cerealicious next time, we’ll probably ask the crew which one’s the must try.