Dr. Pearl – Flavored Puffs Pop-Corn!

Like This!

As I said on my other Dr. Pearl post, we were also given Puffs to munch on…  Puff Corn.. ^_^  I mean… Popcorn, Dr. Pearl style.  They gave us 5 flavors in each loot bag and also while talking about Dr. Pearl Chantilly drinks, we were also free to munch on some puffs they have on the table.

About the Puffs

We thought that Dr. Pearl was all about the drinks, clearly we weren’t prepared for popcorns that day, but that was a welcomed surprise.  These Puffs come in resealable plastic packs and you can clearly see through it how nice and inviting the puffs are.  They come in your usual pop corn flavors – Caramel and Choco (I believe they may have cheese too but we didn’t get a sample of that) – but they also have some very interesting and unique ones – Kimchi, Sweet, and Seaweed.  Shelf-life is 1 month, and interestingly they should remain considerably crunchy as long as you reseal the bag really well.  We kept ours in the fridge and they all remained crunchy the next day, and the next…  Actually, I’m eating the last remaining (or should I say “surviving”) flavor which is the Choco-Puff.  It isn’t really that crunchy now, but this particular flavor wasn’t really that crunchy from the start so it’s safe to say, it was as if I was eating it a week ago when I received it.  More on this in the rest of the article.

Dr Pearl_The Wandering Boots 01
The Puff Popcorns plus stickers and ballpens we got as freebies from Dr. Pearl.

What We Tasted

Kimchi Puff P31 The Wandering Boots Rating 4 SMALL

This was really intriguing right from the start when it was mentioned.  I though it looked like barbecue flavored popcorn, but the pack clearly says Kimchi.  And when we tasted it, I didn’t argue…  It definitely was Kimchi with the subtle heat it packed in those tiny puffs.  Eating Kimchi Puffs was like eating potato chips.  You really need drinks to eat with this one.  The hazard is that sometimes you accidentally (I don’t know if anyone would purposely do this anyway) breathe in the  hot Kimchi flavored powder and it just hits you and you start sneezing.  Yes, wake-up call if you’re feeling sleepy in the office.  I liked this!

Dr Pearl_The Wandering Boots 10
This is what you'll need when eating Kimchi Puff.

Chocolate P31 The Wandering Boots Rating 3 SMALL

Ok, this one, although one of the more common flavors among the 5 freebies we got, was our least favorite (that’s why I’m still here, trying to finish it even if it’s a week after we got to take it home).  It was a little bit oily just by the touch of it, and when your teeth sink in to the puffs, it felt like the “choco” flavoring oozed out a bit, like it was liquid.  So I really don’t know if it’s just a case of bad batch or if all Choco-Puffs are like that, maybe because they use liquid flavoring for this one, compared to powder for the other flavors.

Sweet Puff P31 The Wandering Boots Rating 5 SMALL

This was my personal favorite!  It was sweet, but not too sweet.  It’s like eating candy popcorn, or popcorn glazed with melted sweet candy!  Sure it didn’t look much, it doesn’t have color except for the natural popcorn color, but it’s crunchy, it was sweet, and I couldn’t get enough of it.  I tried “prolonging” the life of this sweet goodies but I couldn’t and this was one of the 2 flavors that didn’t take long before it was gone.

Seaweed Puff P31 The Wandering Boots Rating 4 SMALL

Oh yes!  Love love love this flavor!  Even Mario loved this considering that he doesn’t really like seaweed (the reason why he doesn’t want sushi – doesn’t like the nori that is used to wrap it).  Would love it better if they added more seaweed flavor to this one.  ^_^

Caramel Puff P31 The Wandering Boots Rating 4 SMALL

One of the first flavors that we finished because we love caramel, but it tasted a little burnt to me, never-the-less, caramel is caramel so we munched on this on the way home (almost nothing left to take pictures with when we got home).  It’s really affordable at P31 a pack but if you’re willing to pay double that price (and travel from Pasig to MOA), you can get perfectly cooked and coated caramel at Chicago Popcorn Shops.


I think it’s great that they’re coming up with unique flavors and I’m looking forward to more new flavors, but they have to be careful that they don’t neglect the original popcorn flavors that people love.  ^_^  More Sweet Puffs please!

Dr Pearl_The Wandering Boots 04
Perhaps we can all send them an email on what new flavors we'd like to try or share your Dr. Pearl Puff Popcorn experience.

Contact Information:

Level 5(near cinema) Robinsons Metro East–Pasig City

Website:  http://www.DrPearlCooler.com/

Facebook:  Puff Popcorn Fan Page

* The event featured in this article was sponsored by
Dr. Pearl and the products were provided free for
review/blogging purposes, but the whole article is 100%
the opinion of the writer and was not influenced by the company.

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