Chewy Junior – Revisited at Home

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I really wanted to go back and see how Chewy Junior is doing now after its soft opening when we first sample their cream puffs and pizza last year.  It’s a good thing that despite the gloomy weather, we can still have our cream puff fix because Quick Delivery delivers Chewy Junior!

The Wandering Boots_Chewy Junior_QD_01

About the Delivery

We placed our order online a few days before the date when we actually wanted it delivered.  So this is an advance order.  We set the delivery time to 5:30PM but the order arrived even earlier, 5:00PM.  I guess getting your food earlier is always better than later.  ^_^  We received everything we ordered, we just had to change one of the flavors 1 day before the delivery because it wasn’t available.

What We Ordered

The Wandering Boots_Chewy Junior_QD_12

We ordered almost every flavor except for Strawberry Cream Cheese because it wasn’t available.  The best way to go is to get the boxes so you can save around P100 if you were getting purely Deluxe flavors in a box of 12, or save P43 in a box of 6!  If you really want to include some Premium flavors in the box, you just have to add P10 per piece premium flavored cream puff.  We ordered 1 box of 12, 1 box of 6, and 1 box of Deluxe Mini Puffs.

1 BOX of 12 (all Deluxe flavors) / P460.95 The Wandering Boots Rating 4 SMALL

I have to say, opening the box of Chewy Junior was like opening a box of toy.  As soon as we opened it, we were so intrigued by the swirls, colors, and sprinkles.  We tried guessing which one was which in terms of flavor and it was fun!  We ordered 2 of each of the following flavor in the Deluxe choices:

–          Almond Sweetheart

–          Chocolate Almond Crunch

–          Blueberry Cream Cheese

–          Cheese Lover

–          Chewy Original

–          Cookies N’ Cream

The crowd favorites were the 2 flavors with Almond shavings, and the other 2 with cheese.  ^_^  Chewy Junior really lived up to its name.  The dough was really chewy (good for some, and not for others – it depends on your chewing power, I guess).  I love that they were generous with their filling in all the flavors.

The Wandering Boots_Chewy Junior_QD_04

1 BOX of 6 (all Premium flavors) / P303.45 The Wandering Boots Rating 4 SMALL

The flavors we chose were:

–          Dulce de Leche Ensaymada

–          Java Chip Cookie

–          Premium Triple Chocolate

What we liked in this set were the Dulce de Leche Ensaymada and Java Chip Cookie.  One thing I really like about cream puffs is that they aren’t too sweet, but then Mario, the one with the very sweet tooth, thinks that the Premium Triple Chocolate was the best for him and then of course the combination of saltiness and sweetness with the Dulce de Leche Ensaymaa was a hit.  These were Premium flavors alright.

The Wandering Boots_Chewy Junior_QD_07

Deluxe Mini Puffs (8pcs) / P104 The Wandering Boots Rating 5 SMALL

These are the smaller versions of the full-sized puffs.  I prefer these bite-sized goodies over the full-sized puffs because I get to sample more flavors without really getting full.  Just 1 or 1.5 of the big ones and I’m done.  But these little babies, all 8 I can finish all on my own.  But of course, smaller size, smaller flavor portions so you don’t get to really taste the flavor, you can just get a sneak peak of it.  For snacks and if you’re buying for a group, I would recommend getting the mini puffs.

The Wandering Boots_Chewy Junior_QD_19



From the ordering online in advance, to the last bite was a treat!  From the last time I ordered online, the website has improved in terms of simplicity and ease of use, speed, and ability to customize orders even in bundles like the boxes.  I remember before that it would take time to add/remove certain items from the order.

As for Chewy Junior, being biased since I really love cream puffs from the start, I think their twist in flavors and the right amount of sweetness for the fillings and toppings are spot on.  I don’t know if I’m in-love with how really chewy the dough is, but I guess it’s part of the fun.  The big ones are tough to divide between 2 people without ruining the look.  So for me, the small ones are the better option if you decide to bring home treats or take them to your friend’s house.

The Wandering Boots_Chewy Junior_QD_13



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Chewy Junior – Soft and Chewy Cream Puffs in Different Flavors!

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I’m not a sweets person, although I love ice creams, chocolates, and brownies, I find myself looking for pastry with light creams/filling to balance the sweet sugary taste that most bakeshops or boutiques seem to be doing to compensate for cutting down on the flavor elements.  That’s when I discovered cream puffs.  So just like my sisig obsession where I would order sisig from any restaurant that offers them just so I could compare, I also try out different cream puffs just to see how each one would fare against the others.  This reminds me, I should do a cream puff review… (*jots down a reminder*).  Looking at SM Mall of Asia’s restaurant directory (which is now a board printout placed on top of the touch screen…?), we came across the name “Chewy Junior”, and it immediately sparked our interest.

Store Location

It’s located at the 2nd Floor, of the Entertainment Mall section of Mall of Asia, near the south wing, beside Roti Mum, and near the Science Discovery Center.

The Wandering Boots _ Chewy Junior
Red circle marks the spot (click to see a larger image).

About the Shop

Before I proceed with the review of the shop, it’s important to note that they’re on their SOFT OPENING so perhaps after a few weeks, some of my review about the store and service may not be applicable.

The Wandering Boots_Chewy Junior 01
There were a couple sets of tables and chairs outside. You can see Mario sitting outside while waiting for some of the customers inside to get out. The shop is really small so it was best to give way to diners who are done and are leaving the shop than crowd the place by forcing our continuously growing bodies (and bellies) to fit in the cramped space. ^_^;

The store had seats or a lounge inside the shop which was cramped and the aircon doesn’t seem to be working effectively or perhaps because there’s constant baking and the heat from the ovens are overpowering the cool air from the air-conditioning system.  Nevertheless, we chose to eat inside (because of the comfy seats) rather than staying outside which would probably have been breezier and cooler because of Typhoon Mina’s lingering effects.

The Wandering Boots_Chewy Junior 02
Here's the view from outside. The glass wall/window shoes a part of the kitchen or work area, and a display of some of the goodies. I think it would have been better if there were cream puff trays were placed near the windows, facing out to the people passing by instead of the pizza that wasn't really their main product.

Their staff, although very knowledgeable about their product, weren’t the friendliest and accommodating bunch.  It wasn’t clear to me if it was a “pay as you order” thing or pay later thing because when we ordered, we got served the puffs, and the pizza was served later, yet nobody asked for our payment or gave us our total bill.  I volunteered to pay in the middle of our meal after I noticed that the other customers who came in after us paid right away.  Another feedback about the shop is that it looked like they were too many people working in such a small space.  Anyway, I bet they’ll learn a lot after 1 week of soft opening…

The Wandering Boots_Chewy Junior 06
Display isn't full... But they were doing their best to cope with the orders and display.
The Wandering Boots_Chewy Junior 07
Here's a look at their working space, the ovens, the dips, blenders, and all. Really small and I can tell it was pretty difficult to move as I watched them yelling "Hot" to the other crew members to avoid getting near the hot trays they were transferring from oven to cooling rack. Although, eventually, I heard a couple of "Aray!" and "Init!"... ^_^ It can't be helped when there's too many in a space that's too little.
The Wandering Boots_Chewy Junior 08
Here's a view of their cushioned seats/bench... It's clean, and the colors are pleasing to the eyes... Yet, the space is very small, again... In fact, we need not stand up when our pizza order was ready to be served. One of the Chewy Junior crew just handed it over their small counter divider/window, to Mario, who obviously had very good reach... ^_^;

The Menu and What We Ordered

I think that everything on the menu was priced fairly.  The puffs, are priced at P45 and P55, depending on flavor.    They also sell boxes of their mini-puffs but their headboard menu didn’t include the price.  If I’m not mistaken, it was 179 for 15 mini-puffs.  I didn’t expect it, but they also served pizza for the same price as the cream puffs, P45 – P55.  We asked which one’s the best seller and they recommended NY Cheesecake which was a premium flavor so it’s P55.  Together with the best seller, we ordered the Chewy Original, a deluxe flavor for P45, Twisted Pepperoni pizza for P45, Meaty of the Minds for P55, Just Lemon Iced Tea for P45, and Wicked Watermelon P55.

Here’s a photo of their menu (click to get a larger version):

The Wandering Boots _ Chewy Junior Menu
Their cap says "U Gonna Love It". Because it was soft opening, a lot on the menu are, understandably, not available.
The Wandering Boots_Chewy Junior 18
Left: Meaty of the Minds / Center down: NY Cheesecake / Center top: Just Lemon Iced Tea / Right down: Chewy Original / Right up: Twisted Pepperoni

Chewy Original P45/each (a DELUXE flavor)  The Wandering Boots Rating 3 SMALL

When I asked for the best sellers, this one wasn’t recommended and I wondered why because normally the original or basic flavor is what most stores are known for.  If you make the simplest item on the menu good enough for it to be liked by people, then it would be easier to build up on it and sell variations.  Well, in Chewy Junior’s case, I now understand why the Chewy Original wasn’t a favorite.  It was lacking sweetness which I thought the white powder on top would have brought into the cream puff but it didn’t.  So now I’m confused if the white powder was really powdered sugar or not…  Anyway, as for its texture, it was indeed chewy…  Well, I expected it to be chewy on the inside, but their menu board said that their puffs should be “crispy on the outside”…  It wasn’t…  That’s probably from sitting out in the display rack for a long time.  Well, it’s not all bad because I liked the cream which is very important in cream puffs!  The cream was heavier than most creams used in puffs but I liked it because it sort of had a cooled butter icing feel to it everytime I take a bite.  I also like that it’s bigger than the usual cream puffs for its price.

The Wandering Boots_Chewy Junior 12
Probably not enough powdered sugar? If it wasn't sweet enough for me, it's worse for Mario because he likes everything sweeter than how people usually like them.

NY Cheesecake  P55/each (a PREMIUM flavor)  The Wandering Boots Rating 4 SMALL

Out of the 2 cream puffs we ordered that day, we liked this decked up version more than the plain Chewy Original.  It’s because this had more flavor and sweetness (it should, with the extra cream and cheese and whatnots…  So I was very happy with this one, although it also had an issue of the lack of the “crispiness” on the outside that their posters were saying…  If the outside was crispy enough, I could have gotten a nice shot of the puffs sliced open, but it was really chewy through and through so when we tried to “fork” it open (they didn’t have knife), it didn’t look pretty.

The Wandering Boots_Chewy Junior 15

Meaty of the Minds P55/slice  The Wandering Boots Rating 5 SMALL

The pizzas we ordered were surprisingly good!  They’re even better than our chewy cream puff experience.  And, like the cream puffs, the serving size was generous for its price.  Although I think SM sells their rectangular pizza (2 triangular slices) at around P70, but the SM’s pizza  is more bread, and Chewy Junior pizza is generous with the toppings.  Just a little bit of warning, Meaty of the Minds was on the salty side, which wasn’t a problem for me… ^_^

The Wandering Boots_Chewy Junior 17

Twisted Pepperoni P45/slice  The Wandering Boots Rating 5 SMALL

Mario liked this one because it wasn’t as salty as Meaty of the Minds.  We’d order this again if we happen to find ourselves inside Chewy Junior shop.

The Wandering Boots_Chewy Junior 16


I love the cream in their puffs, I love the serving size which is bigger than the usual cream puff and bigger than the usual pizza slice.  I didn’t like how super chewy the outside was to the point that I was fighting a bit with my food.  It wasn’t a huge struggle to eat them but my expectation was set by the menu board and their poster so I thought they were really going to be crispy on the outside.  I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt though, because it was just soft opening and a lot of things aren’t really upto standard when restaurants are in their soft opening.  I’ll definitely give them a another try especially that their shop, so far, offers the most number of cream puff flavors I’ve ever seen in one shop.

More pictures!

The Wandering Boots_Chewy Junior 11

The Wandering Boots_Chewy Junior 22
Regular sized cream puffs
The Wandering Boots_Chewy Junior 24
Hello mini cream puffs!
The Wandering Boots_Chewy Junior 23
I've decided to try this one next time! This one's Nutella!
The Wandering Boots_Chewy Junior 03
They offered Mini Puffs but the prices aren't on the menu. They said it's P179 for a box of 15 minis.

Contact Information:



Tempura Japanese Grill – Satisfy Your Japanese Food Cravings

During one of our meet-ups with my high school friends, we ate at Tempura Japanese Grill at Trinoma and we really loved it.  It was great food for our peso, so I decided to volunteer Tempura Japanese Grill when Mario and I were having one of our “where-shall-we-eat-today” moments.

Tempura Japanese Grill 15


It can be easily spotted at 1st Level, North Wing.  If you’re in the open-air area (between the main mall and hypermart) and you’re facing the hypermart entrance, turn to your left and keep walking.  The restaurant is in the hypermart side of things.  Using the good ol’ MOA store locator, here’s where they are specifically located.

Tempura Japanese Grill Map

The restaurant was big enough, but they filled it up with chairs and tables.  At every corner, you’re sure to find a table with a couple of chairs to maximize the number of customers they can accommodate at a time.  Well, I respect that, since it is, after all, a business, but I would prefer some room to breathe and a “talking space”, where we can talk without other people being to able to hear every syllable we’re saying.  I’m exaggerating, of course, it wasn’t that cramped.  ^_^  But wasn’t the opposite either.  Well, I guess the space was average.  (You don’t probably understand why I’m making it such an issue.. ^_^  I love spacious restaurants!)

Tempura Japanese Grill 12
The color scheme of the restaurant, based on what I saw is red, black and wood/brown.

Tempura Japanese Grill 11

Oh, right! Let's order!


We ordered Tonkatsu (155php), Ebi Bacon Furai (265php) and Chahan (55php).  So, how was each dish you ask?

Ebi Bacon Furai P265 The Wandering Boots Rating 4 SMALL (Deep-“frurai”ed breaded tiger prawn rolled in bacon)

Here’s a friendly warning to everyone, this dish, mainly because of the bacon, can be a little too salty for some folks, but for me, I was ready for it and I liked it.  I don’t usually like deep-fried breaded dishes because of all the oil, but this one, wasn’t oily at all.

Tonkatsu P155 The Wandering Boots Rating 4 SMALL (Deep-fried breaded pork cutlet)

Mario always orders this dish in almost all the Japanese joints we’ve eaten, so, for a change, I ordered this for myself.  Yes, again, I’m not a fan of fried breaded dishes but this wasn’t oily and I really enjoyed it (without the sauce).  The sauce was salty, even for me so after 1 try, I didn’t bother using it again.

Chahan P55 The Wandering Boots Rating 4 SMALL (Fried rice mixed with ground pork, vegetables and egg)

I think it was a theme that night, because this one was also a little salty.  Not too salty, but it can be eaten on it’s own without any viand.  It was seasoned enough to stand as a dish by itself.  Is that a good or a bad thing?  Well, I guess it’s a good thing if you didn’t order anything else so that you can just enjoy the flavors of the Chahan, but if you ordered viand to go with it, it was a little too flavorful, somehow competing with the flavors of the rest of the dishes we ordered.  It’s still a 4, because as a dish, on its own, it was good.


I would say that we still enjoyed the experience despite the overall saltiness of things.  We would come back as soon as I remember the ramen I had in Trinoma that was really good.  And yes, next time we’ll order their specialty, Tempura…  ^_^;

Contact Information and Branch List

Dennis The Grill Boy – Unlimited Rice, Unlimited Yum!

One of our favorite restaurants in SM Mall of Asia, is definitely Dennis The Grill Boy (they started out as “Pupung and Friends” – but I guess they had to change the name ‘coz, “Pupung” doesn’t really sound appetizing… ^_^;).  If we were in the mood for good Filipino food, in a day when we don’t really want to experiment and make sure we really get our money’s worth, and also if it’s that time of the month (when all the bill are due) and we need to stay on a budget (unlimited rice… *wink* *wink*), Dennis is our go to restaurant, no questions asked.


I wouldn’t say the restaurant was spacious, but it’s not cramped either, so it’s ok.  It’s located in Level 1 of the Entertainment Mall (one of the sections of MOA).  Here’s the Mall of Asia map for your reference:

Dennis_The Grill Boy_28
The MOA store locator still says "Pupung and Friends". They haven't updated it yet. It's the red square you'll see top center of the screenshot.

Dennis (and even when it was still Pupung and Friends) is actually a comic strip character.  I’m not sure if it comes out in any newspaper but I’m sure that I’ve read Pupung and Friends before.  In anycase, the restaurant itself is “comic themed” from the menu boards to their walls, and their restaurant signs.

Dennis_The Grill Boy_05
Here's a view of their counter. Menu boards with Dennis (the character) everywhere... ^_^
Dennis_The Grill Boy_13
Here's the other part of the counter that I wasn't able to capture in the first photo. That's the grill part, which is the most important part of the counter (probably) because the restaurant is called "Dennis The GRILL Boy". ^_^
Dennis_The Grill Boy_07
Behind Mario, at the very further back, are cushioned seats, but, as luck would have it, there are only 3 sets of them and they're always taken although we've gotten the privilege to sit there twice out of the 20 or so times we've eaten there. ^_^
Dennis_The Grill Boy_08
Pan ever so slightly to the right of that last photo and you'll see a colored-comic strip-wrapped-pillar.
Dennis_The Grill Boy_15
Here's the view from inside the store to outside, which is MOA. More seats outside and a big menu stand that highlights some of their dishes (photos later in the post).
Dennis_The Grill Boy_22
Here's my side of the wall. Something to read while waiting for your order. It's fun, actually. ^_^
Dennis the Grill Boy
Here's the view from outside the restaurant.

THEIR MENU (or at least some of their dishes)

Dennis the Grill Boy

Dennis the Grill Boy

Dennis the Grill Boy


So, as the title says it, UNLIMITED RICE!  I mean, how can this restaurant survive the business with that?  But still, I love them for even just that!  A Filipino fast grill restaurant with unlimited rice!  Now that’s a rare find, let me know if there are others and I would love to try them out too!  But the other gold medal factor is that their dishes are just worth those extra servings of rice.  I mean, we wouldn’t want to just keep coming back because of the rice, there has to be something else, right?

Pork Sisig w/ Egg  (Php95.00)  The Wandering Boots Rating 5 SMALL

Here’s a crunchy sisig for you (or me).  I love sisig but this isn’t my usual order at Dennis, I usually order their liempo (love the garlic white sauce and order extra… ^_^).  The reason I don’t order sisig is not because I don’t like their sisig, I really do love it, really crunchy and really perfectly seasoned.  I don’t usually order it because I know I’d be asking for more rice.  With liempo, I mastered the technique of limiting myself to 1 rice.  ^_^;

Dennis The Grill Boy
Doesn't look like much but sure delivers a ton of flavor! I love soft chewey sisig, but I love crunchy ones too! Especially the kind that's paired with unlimited rice!

Annie’s Lechon Kawali (Php 95)Extra Mang Tomas (Php 3.00) The Wandering Boots Rating 5 SMALL

And this one, is Mario’s regular order and yes, always with extra Mang Tomas.  Notice how they didn’t really mask the sauce’ name by giving it “Dennis’ Sarsa” or something.  I love that they outright just say it’s “Mang Tomas” and I think may customers would have noticed it anyway.

Dennis the Grill boy
Mario said that the skin is a little too tough for the teeth. Sometimes it's like that I guess if it was left over from lunch rush and it got cold, but it should be fine if it was fresh from the pan. Otherwise, Mario says it's great! Well, it should be. This is what he orders EVERY TIME... ^_^


I really can’t find any fault because (even if the crew would mess up, or the place gets crowded, or there will be a long line at the counter) because the food overshadows those little things.  Restaurants are really about food and, for me, about relatively reasonable price.  I factor in the unlimited rice we got, and every peso spent here was worth it.

Dennis the Grill Boy
Mario gives it two thumbs up and a big smile!
Dennis_The Grill Boy_20 copy
Me and my boots... ^_^
Dennis the Grill Boy
Oh yeah! We'll be back, again... and again... and again...

Contact Information (unverified – from MunchPunch):

Unit 1128 G/F Entertainment Bldg.,

SM Mall of AsiaPasay City,

Metro ManilaPhilippines

Call:  (02) 556-0779

Hong Kong Emperor Seafood Restaurant – Dine like an Emperor

A huge bright restaurant fit for an Emperor (well, maybe not but almost) inside a mall!  We’ve seen this restaurant several times already, it was hard not to notice it, so we went ahead and tried it for the first time last Friday (March 5, 2010).  It was still on it’s soft opening as they’ve only started last Feb. 13 (day before Valentine) and if you’re lucky (go now!) you can still catch them on their soft opening promo 20% discount on a weekday and 10% discount on a weekend!  That’s 10 or 20 percent off of your tab and not only on selected dishes!

All of these pictures were taken using my Nokia E72 phone camera.  We didn’t have our cam with us that day.


The restaurant is located at the 2nd floor Entertainment Mall of Mall of Asia, near the South Parking area.  Since it’s fairly new, the Mall of Asia store map hasn’t been updated to include this restaurant yet.  But I’m pretty sure finding it would be easy.  It’s a huge and bright place.  ^_^

Emperor at MOA
Yep! It's easy to spot! A zen garden on one side, all other sides are all glass, chandeliers, a big bright restaurant!

About the Store

I love love love the overall look and feel of the store.  If you’ve been reading some of my past articles, you would know how much I love really big spaces in a restaurant, enough for the crew to move around without bumping into each other, or even the customers, without elbowing people who are sitting down, enjoying their meal.

This is the view from where I was sitting. There were 2 entrance doors, both with waiting areas. The 1st door, you can see it in the background. That's where the zen-like decor is. The 2nd door is located at Mario's right (based on this picture). Look how huge the place is! And the chandeliers that really brightened up the whole restaurant!
Pan the camera slightly to the right and you'll see that there are aquariums in the restaurant (typical of a seafood resto) and you'll see a glimpse of the counter.
You wondered what's swimming in those aquariums? Well, here's one! Say hi to freshwater lobster! He's too big he got the 1 whole acquarium to himself. There were 3 or 4 more lobsters next door... ^_^ And some fish in the top aquariums.
The chandeliers deserve one frame all to themselves... ^_^
Here's the view from my right... The small door that's slight open leads to one of their function rooms. If you have a private affair, you can rent those out. I'm not sure if it's just one big private room or 2 private rooms because there's another door (next photo).
There's the other door. Well, it probably leads to one big function room that has dividers if you only need to rent out a small space.
There's a big tarp on the background and I think that's going to be the view from the back facing function rooms once they're finished. That's the bridge going to San Miguel by the Bay and the sunset. Nice. Also, you can see that some of the tables have Lazy Susan (those round turning things on the table to make food easier to access for everyone on the table). There are 3 types of table sets, 1 is the couch (I don't have a pictre of that), 2 is a smaller round table with cushioned chairs (where Mario and I were) that seats probably 4 persons, and 3 - the big round tables that can accommodate 8 people.

About the Food

Well, if you’ve eaten at North Park or other Chinese restaurants, you’ll be familiar with most of the dishes on their menu.  But this seafood restaurant serves more than the usual sweet and sour pork, etc…  They serve some pretty unusual creatures… ^_^  I think I read a sea mantis dish and the price depends on the weight.  We opted to go for the usual dishes first then maybe next time we’ll try those.  By the way, the rare dishes are seasonal so if that’s what you’re looking for, you better call in to ask if they’re available before you go.

We got Sweet and Sour Pork for 260php (we expected it to not be cheap considering how the whole place looks), Baked Chicken Cheese Ball for 280php and Yang Chow Fried Rice (forgot the price).  Each order serves 2-3 people depending on your appetite.

The Sweet and Sour Pork was exactly how we expected it to be.  Sweet, sour, porky and a lot of bell peppers.  Nothing really new.  Although it didn’t look a lot like Mandarin Wok’s Sweet and Sour Pork, it tasted the same.  And Mandarin Wok’s S&S Pork costs only 125php if I’m not mistaken.

The Baked Chicken Cheese Ball caught my eye because I love cheese and the name sounded like the Baked Chicken Rice of Mandarin Wok.  I imagined it to be really creamy and cheesy like how it looked on the menu, but it wasn’t like that at all.  It has the consistency of soup and you can taste it has butter in it.  We described it as tasting like carbonara sauce but I wished it had a more cheesy taste.  On the other hand, I loved the broccoli!  They were big, fresh looking and fresh tasting!

Here's the Sweet and Sour Pork on the menu. A bit pricy? Yes, we thought so too.
And here's how it looked on the menu...
Here's the real deal! Sweet and Sour Pork!
Baked Chicken Cheese Ball for 280php
Here's how it looked on the menu...
It was served in a hot pot enclosed in a wooden box. It stayed hot the whole time... ^_^ And see how soupy it was? I guess my expectations are to be blamed. It was probably meant to be soupy since it was served in a pot.
Here's our Yang Chow Fried Rice. It looked dry, like it was one of the earlier batches of rice cooked for the evening but it served its purpose. We thought we would need one more but it was enough to fill us up. I think it costs more than 100php and their steamed rice (the plain one) costs 40php. That's tea at the bottom. You can request for tea while waiting for your food. You'll get your own pot.

The service is quick and we didn’t have to wait too long for our food.  I even didn’t have the time to take a sip of tea before the food was served.

Overall, it might be a little pricey (with the place given the name “Emperor”, it’s to be expected), but I guess what you’re paying for is the whole experience.  The spacious place, courteous crew, fast service and good food.  But if you’re on a budget and you just really want the same dishes and maybe even better tasting ones, you can go to Mandarin Wok or North Park.

Mario says it's ok...
...and I agree!