KKK – Quick, No Fuss, Filipino Dining

It was lunch time and although we grabbed apples for our late breakfast (breakfast-on-the-go) on the way to SM Megamall, we knew we had to eat even though we were not starving.  We parked in Building B, and we went to the basement to walk all the way to Building A where the food court was when we saw, KKK – a Filipino Restaurant.

Note:  to all vegetarians out there, if you’re looking for places to eat, you can go to a Filipino Restaurant and you’re sure to find dishes that are meatless, or dishes you can easily request to have the meat taken out.  Just be conscious that a lot of Filipino dishes have Bagoong (Shrimp Paste), so you can either let that slide, or be strict and have that taken out as well.

The Wandering Boots_Vegetarian KKK

The Wandering Boots_Vegetarian KKK 07
Near the basement escalator!

We’ve eaten in KKK (Mall of Asia) before and we didn’t blog about it because we just had an ok experience or a few notches below ok.  Food was, ummm, ok, place was, ummm, ok…  Price was, ummm, higher than most for the serving size.  That was many years back when we were still eating everything!  Now, I think it’s time to document a new experience.  But, mostly because there’s very few options for vegetarians it’s not practical to pass up on opportunities to blog about them.

About the Restaurant

The restaurant was spacious and every nook and cranny was optimized to incorporate Filipino decoration, almost to the point of having too much.  Very good still, a lot of opportunities to take photos for Instagram or your daily (hourly) Facebook shoutouts.  They also hid (or tried to hide) their counter by designing a jeep in front of it.  A full-sized 1-side jeepney with more decors on top of it.

The Wandering Boots_Vegetarian KKK 02
The branches are written as the jeepney routes.
The Wandering Boots_Vegetarian KKK 03
If they tried to hide the kitchen counters, well, it did not do them any good from this angle. This view reminded me of eating in a carinderia (eatery). And see all the decors on top of the jeepney?
The Wandering Boots_Vegetarian KKK 06
Very spacious! Those who’ve been followers of my blog know that I love having more than enough elbow room.
The Wandering Boots_Vegetarian KKK 04
Unique light fixtures made out of blue-stained bottles. Just didn’t jive well with the color-scheme going on in the restaurant but still cool to see.
The Wandering Boots_Vegetarian KKK 13
Some tables have this. ^_^

The Menu

I’m sorry, dear readers.  I don’t have a photo of the menu but their website has everything and here’s the link to the vegetables part (gulay) but the price is not updated.  That’s also one of the reasons why we decided to eat here.  They have a part of the menu dedicated to vegetable dishes.  We always look for that.  I meant to take a photo of it after we were done eating, but I forgot since we were in a hurry to go somewhere else.

Our Order

We decided to order just 1 viand (ulam) and share it since when we asked what the serving size of their viands were, they said everything is for sharing.  And we were also gearing up for a special dinner with friends that same day.

Chicharon / FREE (starters) The Wandering Boots_Boot Rating 3

We didn’t order this.  As you know, we’ve started to be vegetarians and we had no idea we were going to be served this while waiting.  But since it’s served, I tasted it just to let you know how it tasted – plus it’s bad to waste food.  Honestly, the chicharon tasted a little bit overcooked (burnt almost) and wasn’t something we’d probably have a refill on even if we weren’t vegetarians.  BUT, the vinegar (sinamak) it was served with was SUPERB!  Almost made me want to ask where to buy one but decided not to because we used to make sinamak at home and I’d like to share how we make ours here someday.

The Wandering Boots_Vegetarian KKK 12

Laing sa Gata / P220 (for sharing)  The Wandering Boots_Boot Rating 3

It was served in a round sizzling plate (smaller than the ones used in sizzling plate in Korean restaurants), with an uncut piece of chili.  The description from the menu reads “DAHON NG GABI NA MATYAGANG NILUTO SA GATA AT SILI”.  Well, the gabi leaves were certainly cooked, umm, but were probably a little overcooked.  I’m not sure if the whole theme was “do it well – well done”.  It tasted bitter and salty, but I’d take salty any time of the day.  I love salty food.  Was it enough for sharing?  Yes, it was.  Because it was in the salty side, we had some left over.  I also noticed that towards the end of the meal, the sizzling plate was sooooo oily you can fry an egg in there (and saute some onions before that).  It probably was the oil from the coconut milk.  The taste wasn’t something we’d rave about, but if you’re a vegetarian, eating with someone, looking to share a meal, and really hungry, this is ok.

The Wandering Boots_Vegetarian KKK 09


I wouldn’t say it was a bad experience, but I also wouldn’t say it was awesome.  There were a lot of great things and mostly they were about the place.  It was spacious, clean, and interesting.  There are a lot of things to look at and to take pictures of.  But it ultimately is about the food.  The food was ok, not bad, and not rave worthy.  I’d love to try their other “gulay” dishes next time.

I hope this experience doesn’t turn people off from wanting to be a vegetarian or thinking about taking that first step.  Just like being a omnivorous foodie, you’ll have good days and bad days in trying out restaurants.  It is an adventure!

The Wandering Boots_Vegetarian KKK 05

The Wandering Boots_Vegetarian KKK 10

The Wandering Boots


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