Zucchini Fries – Healthier Alternative to Potato Fries

Like This!

Here’s a healthier alternative to the carbohydrates loaded Potato Fries that we love so much paired with our oil dripping burgers.

The Wandering Boots Zucchini Fries 12


Zucchini (incase you’re asking if you can substitute cucumber for zucchini – you can try but the bigger seeds in the cucumber might be a problem)



Chicken Cubes


Cut the fries into the size you want them to be. I chose to cut them 2 ways, the French Fries style and the Mojo Potatos style. This was my first time doing this so I wanted to experiment.

The Wandering Boots Zucchini Fries 06


For my version of Zucchini Fries, I used a temura-like batter because I just wanted a light coat (didn’t want very thick floury and oily fries) with chicken cubes instead of salt so that it would taste close to Shakey’s Mojo Potatos that I love so much.  For the batter, you can mix flour with water (you can make it as thick as you want by adjusting the water you mix – start with a small amount of water).  Dip (or dump all the slices) into the batter, and pick one piece at a time and drop into the fryer.

The Wandering Boots Zucchini Fries 13
I like mine really thick so the way I test it is if I pick-up one slice, there's almost little or no batter dripping off of it. The yellow bits are the chicken cube I mixed in.

Deep fry in really hot oil.
TIP: To test how hot the oil is, you can drop a couple of drops of the batter into the oil and see if it sizzles.

The Wandering Boots Zucchini Fries 02
Can you see the sizzle? And yes, I love cooking with my chopsticks. Not only is it cleaner because I don't need to touch anything with my finger, less dripping, and there's just better control with the chopsticks (like extensions of your thumb and index finger).
The Wandering Boots Zucchini Fries 16
Here's the color I like and what tells me that they're done just right.

TIP: Best if you let them sit on a cooling rack and let the oil drip so they remain crispy or lay them in plate lined with kitchen towel or paper towel so that the oil will be absorbed from the fries. But the paper towel method is least effective in maintaining the crispiness of the fries.

TIP2:  Eat while they’re hot.  Remember that zucchini, like cucumber, are watery, so they can get soggy if left uneaten for some time.

The Wandering Boots Zucchini Fries 10
Time to eat!

The Wandering Boots


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