No Bake, Stove Top Pizza – Easiest Homemade Pizza Recipe!

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One day, me and Mario were at the grocery and he requested that we bake our own pizza…  So naturally I said, we can’t, because we don’t have an oven…  So then I suggested, we can make pizza “pandesal”, or even pizza baguette and just use an oven toaster (hassle)… ^_^;  But then I had a lightbulb moment!  I want my pizza to still be that wonderful iconic circle of goodness, can hold tomato sauce on top and not absorb it, can carry toppings and not be soaked and soggy, I want my pizza to be crispy, if it’s not deep dish then I want the crust to be crazy thin!  The perfect idea, a Tortilla Pizza!  I’ve been playing with tortilla bread for a long time now, cooking my version of KFC’s twister and then before they had that sandwich style chicken in a tortilla (I forgot what they called it).  So now, pizza is the game!  Here’s my Tortilla Pizza recipe!

Easiest and Quickest Tortilla Pizza Recipe

Tortilla Pizza Recipe


Tortilla bread

*  You can choose any kind you want – wheat, regular, vegetarian — and any size as long as it fits in your pan.  You can buy this in the freezer section of the grocery, together with the ready-made pizza crust and lumpia wrapper (at least for SM Sucat Hypermarket that’s exactly where you’ll find it.)

Tomato sauce

Quickmelt cheese (Mozzarella cheese if you have budget)

I’ve tried brands Magnolia and Che Vital.  Magnolia melts quicker and all the way through while Che Vital doesn’t really melt well but that’s 30PHP cheaper.


This can be anything you want, I prefer red onions, greenbell pepper, mushrooms, pre-cooked and seasoned ground beef.

Other things you’ll need:

A pan with cover (to keep the hot air inside the pan and heat the pizza evenly on top.  Otherwise, the tortilla will get burnt while the cheese isn’t totally melted.)

A flat spatula (I recommend something that’s really wide and flexible so it’ll be really easy to slide under the pizza for getting it into the pan and out of the pan)

Easiest and Quickest Tortilla Pizza Recipe
This kind of spatula or an even more flexible one would be ideal. Photo credit

Simple steps:

1)  With the covered pan in place, put the stove on in low fire/heat and leave it closed while we’re preparing the pizza.

2)  Use a spoon or a ladle to get some tomato sauce into the tortilla bread and use the bottom of the ladle to spread the sauce all over the bread.

Easiest and Quickest Tortilla Pizza Recipe

3)  You can start piling up the toppings at this point.  You can either put slices of cheese first before the rest of the toppings, or leave the cheese for last so that they melt on top of the toppings and bind them together.  Or, you can always put a thin layer of cheese at the bottom, then rest of the toppings, and  top it with a thin layer of cheese.

*  Note:  If you’re using Magnolia Quickmelt, you don’t really need to grate the cheese because this brand of cheese melts easily and completely.  You won’t even notice which block of cheese was what and where after it’s been melted.  But if you’re using Che Vital Quickmelt cheese, better to grate or cut really thin slices.  This cheese will melt but not completely, so you’ll still see rectangular cheese slices in the pizza.

Easiest and Quickest Tortilla Pizza Recipe
This is a sample of one version I did using Magnolia Quickmelt. I sliced thin strips of cheese and laid them in the bottom (after the tomato sauce), then all the toppings on top of that. Plus additional slices of cheese on top of everything else. It's inside the pan now, ready for melting... ^_^
Easiest and Quickest Tortilla Pizza Recipe
And this is how it looks like after the cheese melts. See what I mean about the cheese being completely melted? Yum!
Easiest and Quickest Tortilla Pizza Recipe
This is the version using Che Vital Quickmelt. I grated the cheese to make it easier to melt.
Easiest and Quickest Tortilla Pizza Recipe
And again with the Che Vital Quickmelt, after the cheese melted. Not really a total meltdown. I like Magnolia's Quickmelt cheese better because when it melts, it blankets over the whole pizza.

4)  With the help of the flat spatula, place the “pizza-to-be” in the pan, and place the cover back.

5)  Pizza will be ready in 5 minutes, and you can open the cover to check on it every now and then even before 5 minutes is up, so  you can decide whether to let it stay for a while more before take it out using your flexible flat spatula.

Easiest and Quickest Tortilla Pizza Recipe
More please! Yum! I can finish 2 6inch tortilla pizza in one sitting. ^_^ And I use a regular knife to slice them up. A pizza cutter would just be too fancy and expensive. I'd rather buy 300PHP worth of toppings or more tortilla bread than get a pizza cutter (unless it's for free - that's a different story). ^_^;

This is really easy, and pizza will be flying out of the kitchen in quicker time than in takes to finish the 1st batch!  Mario and I have been having this pizza feast for 1 week now and because of the 100% control over which toppings you can add to the recipe (or prefer not to have), there can be a number of variety of pizza flavors you can experiment with!  Every dinner time, our kitchen smells like Pizza Hut kitchen (no joke)!  It makes me hungry just thinking about it now… ^_^  Another thing I like about this Tortilla Pizza recipe is that I can enjoy more toppings, less bread… ^_^;

Have fun with this recipe and the different pizza flavors you come up with!  Hmm…. how about dried squid pizza instead of anchovies…?  Hmmm….

Easiest and Quickest Tortilla Pizza Recipe

*** Quick tips:

–  Don’t put cheese at the very edge of the tortilla because once it melts, it will have a tendency to spill over the bread and make a hot sizzling pan of cheesy mess.

–  If you want a great bargain on tortilla bread (50% off of the usual price which is around 100PHP for 12pcs of 6inch, or 120PHP for 10pcs of 12inch tortilla), you can wait for the half-off sale (closing sale) of French Baker.  The Mall of Asia  and Megamall branches have a good number of tortilla breads left over at the end of the day and nobody, except for me and my bro (that I know of) buys them.


9 thoughts on “No Bake, Stove Top Pizza – Easiest Homemade Pizza Recipe!

    1. Yep! We can have all the pizza we want, without ever needing to buy an oven! Plus, we can take control on how much cheese, or which toppings to put! Have fun!!!


  1. HI Ma’am,

    Really appreciate this blog,

    Would you mind to share an estimated cost of this recipe for 10-inch variant,

    I am planning to make this as my temporary business this summer.

    More POwer ho!

    Thanks and Mabuhay!


  2. This is so great! :D I love pizza and knowing now that I can make one (with only the toppings I want to boot) at home sans the oven makes me one very happy girl. Thank you so much for sharing this!


  3. Hi Anne! Even I do not have an oven and wanted to know how to make a Pizza at home, so Google directly landed me onto your this blog-post. And I feel glad and grateful to be here. Thank you for sharing the recipe. It really helped :)


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