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My husband brags that Café Via Mare serves the one of the best, if not the best, Filipino meals he has ever tasted, and, for the love of who knows what, I’ve never dined at Café Via Mare.  Good thing there’s Quick Delivery because they also deliver for Café Via Mare so now I have no excuse not to try the much raved resto.

Cafe Via Mare 13

About our Quick Delivery Experience

No hiccups this time.  Everything from the ordering process (I texted them my order and they called me up a few minutes after), upto the delivery (just in time).  Remember that for deliveries made outside the city where the restaurant is located, it will take 60-90minutes.

What We Ordered

This time, Mario chose most of what we ordered – Beef Kaldereta, Dinuguan at Puto, Bibingka with Laguna Cheese and Salted Duck Egg.  I only added Sugpo sa Gata.  Oh my… when everything arrived, they were warm to the touch and as soon as I open the containers, I had to fight real hard against the temptation to taste each one even before taking photos.  Yes, I fought through the tempting smell and took some before photos.

Beef Kaldereta P385.00 The Wandering Boots Rating 5 SMALL (Beef stewed in rich tomato sauce.)

This was exquisite!  I didn’t know it came with rice and lumpiang togue (vegetable spring roll – or should I say beansprout spring roll?).  What I didn’t know definitely did not hurt!  The way the Kaldereta was wrapped in foil reminded me of my Kazam Kebab experience which was also uber pleasant!  Back to Café Via Mare…  The beef was super tender and the sauce it was swimming in was flavorful.  It’s just the way you imagine how Beef Kaldereta may be served in paradise.  ^_^  Even without the lumpiang togue, I think the dish is worth every peso.

Sugpo sa Gata P360.00 The Wandering Boots Rating 5 SMALL (Prawns stewed in coconut cream with squash and string beans.)

I really don’t know how to stop over-raving about Café Via Mare dishes we ordered that day and it sure won’t stop with this dish.  For 360, there were 3 huge prawns cooked perfectly!  They were juicy in the inside, the meat part didn’t stick to the outside thin shell, and they were deliciously sweet as prawns should be.  The vegetables, as can be clearly seen in the photos, are fresh and not overcooked.  The string beans are the greenest green I’ve ever seen them cooked!  Mario’s preference in squash is that they’re a little overcooked so that he can mash them easily and mix them with rice.  Well, we all know that’s really not how they should come out if they’re properly cooked.  A properly cooked squash should still retain its shape, and is solid enough to not give easily in a bite.  It had the right salinity, I didn’t have to add salt (even though I love really salty food), and Mario didn’t complain about saltiness (he can’t stand salty food).  So it was just perfect.  You’ll see in the photos that the container for the Sugpo sa Gata is just the same size as their bibingka, even so, this is still an order worth every peso.


Dinuguan At Puto P175.00 The Wandering Boots Rating 5 SMALL (Hearty pork blood stew with steamed rice cakes.)

If I had to rank everything we ordered, Beef Kaldereta and Diniguan would be fighting for the same spot.  I’ve sampled many different versions of dinuguan (of course my Mom and Manang make the best  ^_^), but compared to other restaurants (paid Dinuguan – ^_^), Cafe Via Mare’s version would probably outrank many of them.  I ate the sili (yes, I eat those hot little green mosters) and they (got 2 in our order) were crunchy, really fresh and really hot!  I love how the way they cook the vegetables and still keep them fresh.  The puto we got were sweet, soft, and filling.

Bibinka with Laguna Cheese and Salted Duck Egg P115 The Wandering Boots Rating 4 SMALL

Typical Bibingka but the wonderful thing about it is that the salted duck egg isn’t just the one you see in the middle.  So almost every bite has a fair size duck egg piece and cheese.  You don’t have to fight over the right to get the center piece.

Cafe Via Mare 05
It came in a foil pack so it was warmer than the other dishes that we received that night.


I am now a believer.  Café Via Mare does have the proper “goods” to win any Filipino food battle (if there was any).  I’d love to see their store in Greenbelt I soon because my father said that he was among the original architects and designers to design the place.  I’m not sure if they changed it since then but still worth a visit.  If you’re too lazy to go where they are, just text or call-up Quick Delivery  for your order!

Contact Information:

Cafe Via Mare website:

Paseo de Roxas Makati City
Tel. No. 815-1918
Telefax No. 893-2306

*** refer to the website for other branches


Quick Delivery:

Delivery Hotline: 2121212

Order Online:

Delivery Call Back: Text your landline number or text <ORDER> to (0918)2121212 and they will call you back.

Order Time:  Open 24 hours

Delivery Time: 10AM to 10:00PM

* GC provided by QD for blogging purposes but the whole article
is 100% the opinion of the writer and was not influenced by the company.

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