Cello’s Doughnuts and Dips – Unique Doughnuts Galore!

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If you love doughnuts but you’re tired of the usual flavors or glaze, you may want to try Cello’s Doughnuts and Dips.  Thanks to our friends at Quick Delivery for Cello’s Doughnuts & Dips, we discovered that there’s more to doughnuts than meets the eye… ^_^;

About our Quick Delivery Experience

Cello’s Doughnuts & Dips has 4 branches in Metro Manila (Katipunan, Taft, SM North EDSA and ATC), and because I live in the south area (Parañaque), my order would be coming from their ATC branch.  Take note that their ATC branch is not a full bakery/shop so some of the products on the Quick Delivery menu may not be available.  For sure, what they have are their Singles and Cocktail doughnuts.  I had to sort it out with the representative over several call backs.  I wish the Cello’s Doughnuts and Dips ATC menu on the quick delivery website would reflect only the products that they can have delivered from that branch.  It took 2 hours from my initial call with the Quick Delivery representative until my order arrived because we had to revise my order several times due to the availability (or unavailability) of most of the doughnut flavors.

Cellos Doughnuts 04

About our Cello’s Doughnuts and Dips Experience

I love the wonderful orange color and the cute little dots on the boxes and paper wrap the doughnuts came in.  And their menu was equally engaging!  I love just imagining how their Snicker Stuffed Doughnut looks like and tastes like!  I love going through every one of their products on the menu but it wasn’t just meant to be, because the ATC branch limits our choices to their Singles flavor and the Cocktail.

What We Ordered

I really wasn’t sure which flavors I was going to receive because in the end, I just told them to bring whatever they still have available because they don’t have enough doughnuts left in the ATC branch for my GC.  So here’s what we got:

Cellos Doughnuts 01

Singles P30/each or Singles Box of 6 P165.00 The Wandering Boots Rating 5 SMALL

Flavors:  Cheese, Oreo, Chocolate, and Strawberry

My favorite was the OREO doughnut, but all of them were perfect!  They’re not too sweet, they’re just right!  They also priced their product perfectly but if you’re still looking to save money and you’re buying for a group, then it’s best that you get their Singles Box of 6 which saves you 2.50php per doughnut or 15php in total.

Cocktail Box of 15 P180 The Wandering Boots Rating 5 SMALL (Mini-doughnuts with your choice of doughnut glaze.)

Flavors:  Assorted

I always love minis of things because you get to taste a lot of different flavors for the price of a few regular sized ones.  This is one of those box of minis that I would re-order in a heartbeat.  The mini doughnuts were around a third of the size of the regular doughnuts but their 1 full doughnut in terms of flavor.  The variety kept me excited and between me and Mario, this Cocktail Box was gone in a flash.  We just kept “tasting” (also known as eating… ^_^) and “tasting” and “tasting” some more.  Before we knew it, mini doughnuts aren’t there anymore!

Cellos Doughnuts 05

Cellos Doughnuts 06
Cellos Doughnuts 07
Cellos Doughnuts 08
Cellos Doughnuts 09

Cellos Doughnuts 10


I love love love how the box of doughnuts (especially the cocktail) was not boring at all!  I love tasting all the flavors that were new to me and they weren’t sugary at all!  I just wish that the stuffed doughnuts, letter doughnuts and the dips (pillows, etc) would be available to us, people from the South.

Contact Information:

Katipunan: 0920-9614293
Mon – Sat: 7 am – 10 pm
Sun: 7 am – 8 pm

Taft: 521-6236 / 0929-5641274
Mon – Sun: 7 am – 8 pm

Sky Garden, SM North EDSA: 492-3529
Mall Hours

Alabang Town Center: 512-8410
Mall Hours

Davao (082) 282-1960
Mon – Sat: 8:30 am – 9 pm
Sun: 11 am – 7 pm

Website:  http://www.cellosdoughnuts.com/


Quick Delivery:  http://www.quickdelivery.ph/

Delivery Hotline: 2121212

Order Online: http://www.quickdelivery.ph

Delivery Call Back: Text your landline number or text <ORDER> to (0918)2121212 and they will call you back.

Order Time:  Open 24 hours

Delivery Time: 10AM to 10:00PM

* GC provided by QD for blogging purposes but the whole article
is 100% the opinion of the writer and was not influenced by the company.

3 thoughts on “Cello’s Doughnuts and Dips – Unique Doughnuts Galore!

  1. i went to cellos sky garden yesterday bought 3 boxes of assorted donuts then took pictures of the place, the cashier told me its not allowed told her I wanted to blog about the shop and was told needs to ask permission from the owner first.. is that true? did you ask permission about this article first?

    thanks appreciate your reply


    1. Hi Liezellce,

      That’s a common predicament of food bloggers like us. It’s true that the restaurants may have their own policies and a lot of them about taking pictures of the restaurant. You can, however, take photos of the food that you bought, and you’re free to blog about food review since you bought the food. ^_^ Although, if you want to do ambiance review, you can just describe the place in your blog since there won’t be photos to accompany it.

      I didn’t have any chance to encounter that issue with Cello’s Doughnuts and Dips because I had their food delivered at home so that’s why there aren’t any photos of the restaurant. Plus the food was commissioned by QD using their GC.

      In the end, we are all at the mercy of each establishment’s rules and policies. I went to a chocolate shop before and their displays were just to die for! I wanted to take photos, and lots and lots of photos! But their policy is that no photos of their display should be taken. So in the end, I bought what I wanted and just took photos of those…

      Hope this helps!


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