Easy Tuna Sisig – For Lent and For Diet

Like This!

I mentioned in my other blog that I prepare my own tuna sisig and use that for my wheat bread sandwich whenever I decide to go on a “no-rice-diet“, while my husband loves this with rice and more mayo on the side (that’s how he always eats his sisig, any kind of sisig).  Here’s the recipe and just a quick, easy instruction on how to prepare it.

TUNA SISIG Recipe (Quick and Easy Home Version)

serves 2-4 with rice / makes 5-6 sandwiches


You can choose not to add egg. One or two depending on the batch you're making and how, umm.. "creamy" you want it to be. Is it just me or is that thing smiling? ^_^
I choose Hot and Spicy so that I won’t have to add hot sauce anymore.
420g of Tuna is good for 1 week if you're using it for sandwich, or 1 meal and a half if you're preparing this for 2-3 people. Really depends on how hungry those people are, I guess. 420g for me and my husband is just 1 meal. ^_^ Go figure...


Green Bell Pepper




Egg (1-2)

Canned Tuna (either Tuna in Oil or Hot and Spicy Tuna)

Salt and Pepper (season according to taste)

* Chili or Hot Sauce (optional)

So your next question would probably be, “How much mayo, or soysauce, etc?”.  Forgive me, I never really measure.  I use my small wooden ladle both to cook and to, kinda, measure the stuff I throw into the pan (the liquid ones) but for the onions, bell pepper, etc, you just have to wing it.  I love generous amounts of onions and green bell pepper.  If you’re not a fan of these two, then go easy on them.

How to Prepare Your Tuna Sisig

1)  Open the canned tuna with a can opener (of course) but do not open all way so that you can use the very can it’s in as a strainer but don’t completely drain it.

2)  After draining some of the liquid from the can, lift the top of the can with your knife or spoon and pour everything into a hot pan (medium heat).

3)  Add the onions (you can leave some of the onions for later if you want them a little crunchy and add them right at the end).

4)  Add soy sauce, mayo, egg, and hotsauce.  Mix everything together.

5)  Season with salt and/or pepper.

6)  You can add the calamansi now or just have it available when you serve the hot tuna sisig.  I prefer adding it right away.

7)  Serve hot with rice or let it cool a bit, put it in your air tight storage (I use Lock n’ Lock), and put it in the fridge to use on your sandwich anytime you want.  For sandwich, sometimes I like it cold, and sometimes I reheat the tuna sisig.

This batch was moist (instead of the usual dry sisig) because I really didn't drain the canned tuna at all. If you want a crispy batch, drain the tuna well.
Paired with wheat bread (I use Gardenia).


*  I add honey barbeque sauce sometimes to add a little sweet kick to my sandwich.

I hope you find this recipe useful!  Do your own twist to this and share them on the comments area below!


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