Tempura Japanese Grill – Satisfy Your Japanese Food Cravings

During one of our meet-ups with my high school friends, we ate at Tempura Japanese Grill at Trinoma and we really loved it.  It was great food for our peso, so I decided to volunteer Tempura Japanese Grill when Mario and I were having one of our “where-shall-we-eat-today” moments.

Tempura Japanese Grill 15


It can be easily spotted at 1st Level, North Wing.  If you’re in the open-air area (between the main mall and hypermart) and you’re facing the hypermart entrance, turn to your left and keep walking.  The restaurant is in the hypermart side of things.  Using the good ol’ MOA store locator, here’s where they are specifically located.

Tempura Japanese Grill Map

The restaurant was big enough, but they filled it up with chairs and tables.  At every corner, you’re sure to find a table with a couple of chairs to maximize the number of customers they can accommodate at a time.  Well, I respect that, since it is, after all, a business, but I would prefer some room to breathe and a “talking space”, where we can talk without other people being to able to hear every syllable we’re saying.  I’m exaggerating, of course, it wasn’t that cramped.  ^_^  But wasn’t the opposite either.  Well, I guess the space was average.  (You don’t probably understand why I’m making it such an issue.. ^_^  I love spacious restaurants!)

Tempura Japanese Grill 12
The color scheme of the restaurant, based on what I saw is red, black and wood/brown.

Tempura Japanese Grill 11

Oh, right! Let's order!


We ordered Tonkatsu (155php), Ebi Bacon Furai (265php) and Chahan (55php).  So, how was each dish you ask?

Ebi Bacon Furai P265 The Wandering Boots Rating 4 SMALL (Deep-“frurai”ed breaded tiger prawn rolled in bacon)

Here’s a friendly warning to everyone, this dish, mainly because of the bacon, can be a little too salty for some folks, but for me, I was ready for it and I liked it.  I don’t usually like deep-fried breaded dishes because of all the oil, but this one, wasn’t oily at all.

Tonkatsu P155 The Wandering Boots Rating 4 SMALL (Deep-fried breaded pork cutlet)

Mario always orders this dish in almost all the Japanese joints we’ve eaten, so, for a change, I ordered this for myself.  Yes, again, I’m not a fan of fried breaded dishes but this wasn’t oily and I really enjoyed it (without the sauce).  The sauce was salty, even for me so after 1 try, I didn’t bother using it again.

Chahan P55 The Wandering Boots Rating 4 SMALL (Fried rice mixed with ground pork, vegetables and egg)

I think it was a theme that night, because this one was also a little salty.  Not too salty, but it can be eaten on it’s own without any viand.  It was seasoned enough to stand as a dish by itself.  Is that a good or a bad thing?  Well, I guess it’s a good thing if you didn’t order anything else so that you can just enjoy the flavors of the Chahan, but if you ordered viand to go with it, it was a little too flavorful, somehow competing with the flavors of the rest of the dishes we ordered.  It’s still a 4, because as a dish, on its own, it was good.


I would say that we still enjoyed the experience despite the overall saltiness of things.  We would come back as soon as I remember the ramen I had in Trinoma that was really good.  And yes, next time we’ll order their specialty, Tempura…  ^_^;

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