Va Bene Pasta Deli – Fresh and Authentic Modern Italian Experience (AT HOME!)

It’s finally time for another QD experience!  This time, it’s all about authentic modern Italian dishes, and about everything fresh, like fresh herbs and spices (no artificial flavors), and freshly made and handrolled pastas!  One of the few restaurants who can execute this perfectly is Va Bene Pasta Deli.  They only have 1 branch as of now, which is at Petron Gas Station EDSA corner Pasay RD, so if you ever get that urge to eat Va Bene Pasta Deli dishes but you’re nowhere near the place, you can also order via Quick Delivery.  Va Bene, by the way, means “Ok” in Italian – correct me if I’m worng, “va bene”?  ^_^

The Wandering Boots_Va Bene_QD7


As always, ordering was a breeze.  What I did this time was send them a text message to 0918-2121212 which detailed my order.  In a few minutes, I got a call from Quick Delivery and because I already texted them my order, they just read it back to confirm and asked if there’s anything else I needed.  As it turns out, I could have just texted “Callback” instead of my whole order and they could have just taken my order over the phone when they called me.  Well, No harm done in texting my whole order, and it actually made the transaction faster!  ^_^;

The food arrived in disposable microwavable plastic containers and I promise I’ll take pictures of the packaging they came in next time.  They were all still hot, except for the bread (you’ll see our orders in a little while).

We also got a booklet with lots of nice things to read and menu of some of the restaurants tied up with Quick Delivery!  I’ll make a separate article about that but here’s a glimpse…


Here’s what we ordered:

The Wandering Boots_Va Bene_QD2

Extra Order of Bread w/ Dip of the Day P70.00  The Wandering Boots Rating 5 SMALL

I’m not really a bread person but I know and appreciate good bread when I “hear” one.  Yes, you’re right!  This bread was as crunchy on the crust as all proper dinner bread should be and as soft and tasty on the inside complemented by the light dip we got which was, I think, olive oil, some herbs (tasted like basil), tomato and a little bit of salt.  I LOVED IT!  I can order just that and be very happy and satisfied the whole day.  Really!

The Wandering Boots_Va Bene_QD1

Seafood Marinara Taglioloni P280.00 The Wandering Boots Rating 4 SMALL (Marinara-tossed with clams, prawns, mussel, tomatoes and garlic, baked in an aluminum foil)

We originally wanted Beef Lasagna (230php) but it wasn’t available, so we decided to try this.  This was a filling meal.  If I was eating the whole dish, I wouldn’t be able to finish it all, so good thing Mario and I were sharing.  He liked seafood, I like seafood too so it was a dish we didn’t have any biases against.  I liked how creamy the sauce was mixed into the pasta.  The pasta itself was soft, not soggy and I think if I was looking for a meal to satisfy my hunger, this would be it.

The Wandering Boots_Va Bene_QD5
I Canneloni P280.00 The Wandering Boots Rating 4 SMALL (Rolled spinach and ham canneloni served in a light tomato cream sauce)

So here’s the lesson, if in Va Bene Pasta Deli they say it’s rolled spinach, expect spinach through and through.  They really weren’t kidding!  The outside may look like it only has hints of spinach here and there, but the inside, which regrettably I didn’t take a photo of, was screaming green!  It was intimidating at first, I’m really not a fan of spinach, but I also knew there was ham at the center so I braved it and took a big fork full of I Canneloni.  The verdict?  Not bad at all!  The cream sauce was light and not overwhelming and the pasta was perfect as it should be.  The spinach flavor, the way they cooked it, did not ruin the experience for me so I’m not that intimidated of spinach anymore!

The Wandering Boots_Va Bene_QD4

Chicken Cannelloni P280.00 The Wandering Boots Rating 4 SMALL (Filled with chicken, tomato, bachamel sauce and mozzrella cheese)

This one we really like.  Again, sauce wasn’t heavy so it didn’t take away from the actual cannelloni which was good.  I wished there were more than 3 but I’m glad the sauce was plenty.

The Wandering Boots_Va Bene_QD3


If you think that it’s a little pricey, well, you think right.  But you should also consider that this restaurant offers dishes from fresh ingredients (if I’m not mistaken, they have potted herbs on display in their actual shop) and you can’t really disregard the fact that the pasta (they also sell their pasta) are hand-rolled and freshly made.  So if it’s authentic Italian cooking you’re looking for, this is a must try.  Personally, I would order the Seafood Marinara Taglioloni again and hope that the Beef Lasagna is finally available, and will also try their square pizza!


Quick Delivery:

Delivery Hotline: 2121212

Order Online:

Delivery Call Back: Text your landline number or text <ORDER> to (0918)2121212 and they will call you back.Order Time:  Open 24 hours

Delivery Time: 10AM to 10:00PM

*** Actual restaurant is at:  Petron Gas Station EDSA corner Pasay RD

* GC provided by QD for blogging purposes but the whole article
is 100% the opinion of the writer and was not influenced by the company.

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