Banana Leaf Curry House – Asian Dishes Done Perfectly

Nothing quite compares to a wonderful lunch together with family, with nothing to complain about and everything to like.  That’s exactly the lunch date we had at my parent’s house last Sunday.  We decided that the theme to the lunch feast would be Asian and choosing Banana Leaf Curry House, which has been awarded one of the best restaurants in the Philippines for 2 years – 2009 and 2010, is a no brainer.  It’s a good thing that it’s one of the restaurants that Quick Delivery is tied up with.  We decided to do a Group Order so that if there’s anything else on the menu that other people would like to order (that I haven’t ordered yet), they can add them to the list themselves.  Here’s how it works:

Quick Delivery Group Order
Group Order is a neat tool especially for officemates and group of friends ordering together, but would like to have their orders conveniently marked/tagged so that when the orders arrive, you won’t have that confusing task of trying to remember who ordered what.  Also, this tool allows you to specify if payment would be done separately (for each person so that you won’t have to bother with the individual computation and the change) or as a group.

*** You can click on the screenshots to view the larger image.

Step 1.  Login/Create Account (

Step 2.  Check Delivery Address (or add a new one) then Click on “Group”

Step 3.  Select/Add Group Members by typing in their email address

Step 4.  Choose a Restaurant and Choose a Date and a Time (Group Orders are made in advance, we made our order a day in a advance.  By the way, we set our delivery time to 12NN and boy was is on the dot!  Not a minute too soon or late!  We all had a good laugh about it because it was too on the dot.)  Then Click “Place Order”

Step 5.  Click on the items from the menu that you want to add (specify quantity, labels, request and flavors-if needed)

Step 6.  Take note of the Total (add 10% for delivery fee if the website didn’t include it) and click “Continue”.  The next screen will show Quick Delivery House Items if you want to add wines and spirits to your order, otherwise, click “Continue”.

Step 7.  Specify the following:
a)     if there’s any amount limit per person (the creator of the order sets this) so that other members of the group won’t get trigger happy in adding items you won’t be able to pay for in the end.
b)    If payment will be per person or as a group
c)    Payment mode (cash, GC or other – they accept credit card – VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, JCB) and ATM payment – Megalink, Bancnet, BPI Express Payment)
d)    Message for the whole group (which will be sent to the email addresses you specified for them)
e)    Order Comments/Instructions

Step 8.  Review the delivery address (of course) and the delivery time, then click on “Place Order”

Step 9.  You’ll receive a confirmation email.  Everyone else in the group will receive an invitation link which will allow them to view the order and add some more items they want to add from the menu.

***  Quick Delivery will give you a call after all members of the group have placed their order OR you can also FINALIZE and LOCK the order (the creator of the order can do this) if you don’t want anyone else to add anything to the order.

This is a great tool if you want to have your food “pre-marked” so that when it comes, no need to burden your group with trying to identify whose dish is what.
It’s also very addicting and fun because it’s something new.
As usual, the Quick Delivery staff (both on the phone and delivery crew) were pleasant to deal with.

I wish there was a “SAVE ORDER” option.  While I was making the order, I had to leave the order half-way through the process for some errands.  I already added a lot of the items and I just wanted to be able to go back to the order later that day to finalize it or maybe add some more, but there wasn’t a save function, so I had to do it all over again.

Now on with the food!!!

The Banana Leaf Curry House Experience

About the Restaurant
Banana Leaf Curry House offers modern dishes coming from various Asian countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.  If you want to experience a culinary adventure from various countries in 1 stop, I would say Banana Leaf Curry House would be more than able to supply you with a great long list of must try dishes.

Roti Canai P78.00 and Curry Sauce P30.00  
Roti Canai is a Malaysian flatbread usually paired with a dipping sauce which is curry, so that’s why we ordered Curry Sauce too!  ^_^  Since they’re called Banana Leaf Curry House, I really had high hopes for their curry products and they lived up to them!

Banana Leaf_Quick Delivery 013
Roti Canai is the one on the bottom right of the screen and the yellow dip is, of course, the Curry Sauce. Perfect match! The curry was great! As one famous catch phrase says it, “Sarsa (in this case, sauce) palang, ulam na! The other food in the photo is the Vegetable Samosa with its Yogurt dip.

Vegetables Samosa P118.00 The Wandering Boots Rating 4 SMALL
This one’s an Indian snack, which is pastry filled with a combination of vegetables usually potatoes and peas.  Just by its name, it’s not very inviting.  ^_^  Anything labeled vegetable, I think for other people too, is something we stay away from when ordering from restaurants (although I enjoy eating them, but I enjoy meat more than I enjoy veggies).  Well, this one was a pleasant surprise!  It was like I was eating a flavorful mashed potato with a non-oily wrap.  I liked it!

Banana Leaf_Quick Delivery 014
The triangle ones are the Vegetable Samosas and the white dip is the yogurt dip that came with the Samosa. First impression, looks like triangle version of lumpia, and once you taste it, for someone who’s never tried Samosa before, I was surprised! I forgot that not all vegetables were leafy. ^_^ I was expecting a very leafy filling and I’m glad it wasn’t like that at all. It’s perfect for an afternoon snack.

Half Hainanese Chicken P298.00  The Wandering Boots Rating 4 SMALL
This dish is shared by 3 countries; Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand – although it’s originally a Chinese dish.  It’s mainly boiled chicken in stock which infuses the chicken with the flavor that it has.  It came with 3 sauces (or spices) which I think are chili, soy sauce and another one that I don’t really know what it was.  The chicken, for me, really needed those 3 sauces/spices, otherwise, I would have added salt on mine.  Well, you all know how I love salty food so I guess my opinion doesn’t count. ^_^  My brother said that the 3 spices/sauces were essential to add flavor to the chicken but the wonderful thing about the chicken is how tender it was.

Banana Leaf_Quick Delivery 010
Here’s the chicken and you can see the 2 spices and the soy sauce which my mom drizzled over the chicken (top chef presentation-wannabes ^_^). Do you know what the other spice/sauce is (top left)? Let me know if you do… ^_^ By the way, the cucumber came with the chicken. The fact that it’s boiled, is a healthier way to eat chicken staying clear from the oily fried ones.

Nasi Goreng- Nenas P188.00
On the menu, it’s described as “pineapple rice”, but there doesn’t seem to be any pineapple mixed in the rice, although there’s sweet pork (tasted like fiesta ham or tocino) and raisin (plus a couple of other things fried with the rice) that made it sweet.

Banana Leaf_Quick Delivery 017
Here’s the Nasi Goreng-Nenas and you can see the bits and pieces they added. It was a little dry for me. I guess fried rice will be fried rice. Is there a way to keep it moist and a little sticky even after you fry it? Anyway, I like the bits and pieces and there’s no shortage of them. Every spoonful will have some of the ingredients you see on this picture.

Stir Fried Clams in Singaporean Chili Sauce P228.00  The Wandering Boots Rating 5 SMALL
Wow, is all we can say…  This one was the star of the day!  I’m glad that for 228php it was a lot!  It was spicy, you’ll definitely feel the heat but it’s tolerable.  Even Mario, who’s not a “spicy” fan, loved it!  Manang Inday, our helper, did the first tasting and she underestimated the spiciness of it and got it real bad she ran for water.  ^_^  But she kept getting more clams and sauce throughout lunch.

Banana Leaf_Quick Delivery 002
Hello, spicy clams! I just can’t forget how wonderfully tasty it was! We all loved it! Can you see the red peppers scattered everywhere? And it had generous amount of sauce against my expectations. When the menu said it was “stir fried” with sauce, I thought they would just drizzle the sauce over the clams. I didn’t think the clams would be swimming in it. So that was a good surprise.
Banana Leaf_Quick Delivery 003
Another look at this awesome dish! Some of the shells, well, you’ll find the clams swimming in the sauce so most of the shells are empty. Have I mentioned how tasty this dish was!? ^_^

Malayan Beef Curry w/ Potatoes P268.00  The Wandering Boots Rating 5 SMALL
My dad had first dibs on this.  We all agree, they’re worthy of their curry house restaurant name.  Curry was great!  What I’m amazed though is how well they cooked the beef and the potatoes!  The beef was tender!  It was almost tender for babies to eat… ^_^;  Well, maybe not but you get the point.  ^_^; But the potatoes are done perfectly in a way that it still has its form, but it’s soft but not mushy, so I’m really quite impressed.

Banana Leaf_Quick Delivery 007
I’m not sure if you can figure out which ones are the potatoes and which ones are the beef in this photo. ^_^
Banana Leaf_Quick Delivery 008
For 268php, I guess the perfection on how they cooked it is the reason for the price. Don’t be fooled, this wasn’t a big bowl. It was more like a personal soup bowl. Hmm… It’s as big as when you cup your face with both of your hands but open up your hands away from each other some more.

Barbeque Roasted Whole Baby Back RibsP328.00  The Wandering Boots Rating 3 SMALL
This one was for Mario, knowing how he loves barbequed baby back ribs.  It was odd to find something like this on the menu because you would expect that this is really a Western dish but the taste, I guess, is an Asian twist.  As what’s expected, it was fall-off-the-bones tender!  I can’t really say that I like this Asian twist to the flavor, we did finish the whole thing, but compared to the chicken, the clams and the curry, this was emptied last.

Banana Leaf_Quick Delivery 004
My mom, before plating it, separated (or wanted to) each rib but I stopped her midway, because it wouldn’t look good in the photos but I didn’t stop her soon enough, I guess. ^_^; Anyway, it was too long, a couple of the ribs are on top of the batch (top part of the photo).

Tiger Beer P98.00  The Wandering Boots Rating 5 SMALL
Oh yes, we had to!  This is for my dad.  Well, I had a sip too because it’s not everyday I get to try the world famous Tiger Beer.  They’ve won several international awards for this beer so we gotta try, right?  ^_^

Banana Leaf_Quick Delivery 018
Here’s the Tiger Beer (isn’t it obvious) and they are not shy to let us know it’s World Acclaimed. It was really beer and you’ll get reminded of it everytime you sip it. It’s not for light drinkers, because I think it’s a little too strong. But the taste is really good, I have to admit.

We all enjoyed every bit of the process.  I have nothing to complain about Quick Delivery Group Ordering, it was easy and fun.  The food arrived on the dot, and was cooked perfectly.  I have not a doubt in my mind that if someone needs a recommendation on Asian cuisine they can have delivered at home for the holidays and any day, Banana Leaf Curry House would be top of my list.

Banana Leaf_Quick Delivery 020
Touble Thumbs Up!

Banana Leaf_Quick Delivery 025
Everybody happy!

Quick Delivery:
Delivery Hotline: 2121212
Order Online:
Delivery Call Back: Text your landline number or text <ORDER> to (0918)2121212 and they will call you back.
Order Time:  Open 24 hours
Delivery Time: 10AM to 10:00PM

* GC provided by QD for blogging purposes but the whole article
is 100% the opinion of the writer and was not influenced by the company.

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