Scramble-licious – School Street-food goes to the Mall

I’ve heard about it from friends, scramble being sold in malls, but have never really seen one for myself until one grocery Sunday when we saw a colorful new foodcart near the parking lot access of SM Sucat.  Scramble-licious, the cart said, and that’s the only thing I needed to see to convince me to fall in the long line.  For those who don’t know, scramble is a Philippine street food popular among kids because it’s largely sold just outside school gates and they’re also very cheap.  It’s shaved or crushed flavored pink ice (not a smoothie) with chocolate syrup and powdered milk!  Doesn’t sound much with the description, but it’s really a treat that’s really addicting and helps fight off the heat on a hot day!

Scramble Philippnies
If you're in the mall, keep your eyes peeled for a pink and fun cart that says Scramble! Clean cart with really eye catching design too!

About the Price and the Food

Price, cheap – Scramble, YUM!

I have the pictures that will say it all…   ^_^

Scramble Philippines
What did I say? Really cheap but good cold snacking nonetheless... ^_^ Indeed, Scramble is back!
Scramble Philippines
You want toppings? You want more toppings? ^_^ You can choose from chocolate sprinkles, candy sprinkles, rice crispies, marshmallows and nips (my personal favorite). Or maybe more chocolate syrup or double dose of milk!
Scramble Philippnes
Toppings cost 3php each. I prefer nips and additional chocolate syrup or nips and more milk. ^_^
Scramble Philippines Street food
Here's my order, medium with nips and additional chocolate syrup.
Scramble Philippines Street food
And here's Mario's order, large with rice crispies and additional chocolate syrup.
Scramble Philippines Street food
And here's Mario after patiently waiting in line to get our first servings of scramble after almost 2 decades of missing it!

5 thoughts on “Scramble-licious – School Street-food goes to the Mall

    1. Hi Glenn!

      If you’re interested in Scramble-licious in a business sense, unfortunately, I don’t have information on this. I don’t own the cart or any Scramble-licious cart for that matter.

      If you’re interested on where this particular cart is located and where the photos were taken, it’s at SM Sucat (old building) just near the covered parking entrance/exit.

      I apologize if I’m not able to give further information! Maybe a quick google on the cart name can help you.

      Good day and thanks for dropping by!


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