Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things – BF Stopover

Mario and I had some business in BF back in… April (late post again, sorry) and we needed a place to stay for an hour or so, while we waited for our VHS-to-DVD conversion to be finished.  By the way, if anyone knows a trusted conversion place less than 300php for DVD please let me know.  Anyway, after driving down Aguirre Street in BF Parañaque, we finally found a place that fits our criteria for the day, which are; indoor air conditioned restaurant, light food, clean, spacious and not too busy.  The winner, Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things!

About the Location

The exact address is 231, Aguirre St. BF Homes Parañaque.  It’s not really easy to spot but I guess it’s not also hard to find.  The whole street is littered with food places or other shops but it’s still very residential so you’ll find yourself skipping a house or two then spotting a restaurant or a business place of some sort, then a couple more houses, then another restaurant.  The store itself is small yet inside it’s really spacious-looking, maybe because of the white walls and the grayish floor which makes the room look bigger.  I estimate around 24-30 people can fit comfortably inside with the tables and chairs set up well apart from each other and 20 more seats outside.  They feature old New York photos, in black and white, which made the place feel a little homey and diner type.

Here's the view from outside. The all-glass front walls also help in making the place look bigger than what it really is. It also makes for a good people-watching place. You can spend lots of time there, which was what we needed, and nib on good snack food. The whole place is just homey and comfortable to stay in. Maybe because we're seeing houses everywhere so it felt like we were from "just around the neighborhood".
Here's the shop looking outside from the inside. ^_^ As you can see, not enough parking space. There's room for 1 car in the proper space but other cars can just park at either sides of the street. I probably wouldn't mind dining outside if I was with a group and we wanted to be noisy or if you just want to watch literally street life as it unfold on Aguirre.

And since it was a small place, I can give you a tour of the whole store in 2 pictures!

Here's half of the shop. Notice the black and white photos? They're photos taken of New York City from different locations. The board on the top left is where the menu is listed, but you'll still be given your own laminated list once you're seated.
Here's our half (close up), with Mario just chillin' out and asking about their menu. ^_^ Still more photos (and in the background, caught a poster of an election candidate - who won btw).

About their Food

As you would expect, they have wings, burgers, hotdogs and fries, typical American snack food.  Very New York, especially the hotdogs and assortment of dips.  Speaking of dips and sauces, for every Buffalo Wings order, you get to choose the sauce where they have a selection of spicy and non-spicy sauces.  They also have Mexican options like Burrito, Nachos and Quesadilla with your choice of sides/dips.

Prices are ok for how tasty the wings are.  A pitcher of iced tea is also a preferred way to order if you plan on going for one of their hottest wing sauce called “Armageddon” (if you dare).

Here's their wing menu. The Triple Sampler, if I remember it correctly, allows you to order 3 different types of sauces because you normally have just 1 option. And the dots on the signature sauces let you know how spicy the sauce is. 1 dot means mildly spicy and 3 dots you probably start to sweat. And the 2 hottest choices are Nuclear and Armageddon. The delivery number, you can take note of it, but I don't know if they deliver outside BF so you can ask if you would like to try some wings without leaving the house.
They also have burgers and we tried the minis. They have few items on the menu which really tempts me to come back and try the rest and I'd be able to make a complete review!
Their place is called Buffalo's Wings N' Things... Well, here are the "Things" on the menu. Pretty usual selection of your Mexican favorites... We didn't order any of them so I'm not sure if the price is good enough for the taste and serving size.
And this was posted on the wall.. Margarita Slushee Pitcher... ^_^ Nice! We were there on a Sunday and we were due to go to mass after so we did not even attempt to order.. well.. we restrained ourselves is what I wanted to say... ^_^

Here’s what we ordered:

We ordered a pitcher of Iced Tea for 95PHP which when poured out to the glasses really seem to be enough for just 3 servings. Well, that's ok still because for 39PHP per glass, ordering 3 glasses individually would be 117PHP. So the pitcher saves you 18PHP.
We got the Buffalo Cheese Burgers in Minis for 179php. They're as mini as you can get them in burgers. Forgive for not having a size reference but I remember finishing one of these in 2 and 1/2 or 3 bites. I guess if you have a big mouth, 2 mouthfulls are enough to say bye bye to one of the minis.
Maybe we can use the tomato slice as the size reference?
I had to choose, the love of spice and everything hot, or my love Mario who doesn't love spice... The compromise is to order the mildest of them all... Rookie wings! If I remember it correctly, this is the half pound serving which, obviously have 4 pcs of wings.. Well, actually, 2 pcs of wings each broken in 2 parts.
And because we had room for more, we ordered Garlic Parmesan wings. We had the same flavored wings at Hooters and wanted to see whose wing tasted better. The verdict? Hooters wins this hands down, but their wing prices are flying high, so for affordability and good enough taste, Buffalo's Wings N' Things can have the overall award.


We loved the experience especially that the place is just perfect for people watching, although there aren’t a lot of people passing by to watch, still the shop is clean, cool and perfect for tambay.

Here are the hours and days when you can visit and try their wings.

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