Hong Kong Emperor Seafood Restaurant – Dine like an Emperor

A huge bright restaurant fit for an Emperor (well, maybe not but almost) inside a mall!  We’ve seen this restaurant several times already, it was hard not to notice it, so we went ahead and tried it for the first time last Friday (March 5, 2010).  It was still on it’s soft opening as they’ve only started last Feb. 13 (day before Valentine) and if you’re lucky (go now!) you can still catch them on their soft opening promo 20% discount on a weekday and 10% discount on a weekend!  That’s 10 or 20 percent off of your tab and not only on selected dishes!

All of these pictures were taken using my Nokia E72 phone camera.  We didn’t have our cam with us that day.


The restaurant is located at the 2nd floor Entertainment Mall of Mall of Asia, near the South Parking area.  Since it’s fairly new, the Mall of Asia store map hasn’t been updated to include this restaurant yet.  But I’m pretty sure finding it would be easy.  It’s a huge and bright place.  ^_^

Emperor at MOA
Yep! It's easy to spot! A zen garden on one side, all other sides are all glass, chandeliers, a big bright restaurant!

About the Store

I love love love the overall look and feel of the store.  If you’ve been reading some of my past articles, you would know how much I love really big spaces in a restaurant, enough for the crew to move around without bumping into each other, or even the customers, without elbowing people who are sitting down, enjoying their meal.

This is the view from where I was sitting. There were 2 entrance doors, both with waiting areas. The 1st door, you can see it in the background. That's where the zen-like decor is. The 2nd door is located at Mario's right (based on this picture). Look how huge the place is! And the chandeliers that really brightened up the whole restaurant!
Pan the camera slightly to the right and you'll see that there are aquariums in the restaurant (typical of a seafood resto) and you'll see a glimpse of the counter.
You wondered what's swimming in those aquariums? Well, here's one! Say hi to freshwater lobster! He's too big he got the 1 whole acquarium to himself. There were 3 or 4 more lobsters next door... ^_^ And some fish in the top aquariums.
The chandeliers deserve one frame all to themselves... ^_^
Here's the view from my right... The small door that's slight open leads to one of their function rooms. If you have a private affair, you can rent those out. I'm not sure if it's just one big private room or 2 private rooms because there's another door (next photo).
There's the other door. Well, it probably leads to one big function room that has dividers if you only need to rent out a small space.
There's a big tarp on the background and I think that's going to be the view from the back facing function rooms once they're finished. That's the bridge going to San Miguel by the Bay and the sunset. Nice. Also, you can see that some of the tables have Lazy Susan (those round turning things on the table to make food easier to access for everyone on the table). There are 3 types of table sets, 1 is the couch (I don't have a pictre of that), 2 is a smaller round table with cushioned chairs (where Mario and I were) that seats probably 4 persons, and 3 - the big round tables that can accommodate 8 people.

About the Food

Well, if you’ve eaten at North Park or other Chinese restaurants, you’ll be familiar with most of the dishes on their menu.  But this seafood restaurant serves more than the usual sweet and sour pork, etc…  They serve some pretty unusual creatures… ^_^  I think I read a sea mantis dish and the price depends on the weight.  We opted to go for the usual dishes first then maybe next time we’ll try those.  By the way, the rare dishes are seasonal so if that’s what you’re looking for, you better call in to ask if they’re available before you go.

We got Sweet and Sour Pork for 260php (we expected it to not be cheap considering how the whole place looks), Baked Chicken Cheese Ball for 280php and Yang Chow Fried Rice (forgot the price).  Each order serves 2-3 people depending on your appetite.

The Sweet and Sour Pork was exactly how we expected it to be.  Sweet, sour, porky and a lot of bell peppers.  Nothing really new.  Although it didn’t look a lot like Mandarin Wok’s Sweet and Sour Pork, it tasted the same.  And Mandarin Wok’s S&S Pork costs only 125php if I’m not mistaken.

The Baked Chicken Cheese Ball caught my eye because I love cheese and the name sounded like the Baked Chicken Rice of Mandarin Wok.  I imagined it to be really creamy and cheesy like how it looked on the menu, but it wasn’t like that at all.  It has the consistency of soup and you can taste it has butter in it.  We described it as tasting like carbonara sauce but I wished it had a more cheesy taste.  On the other hand, I loved the broccoli!  They were big, fresh looking and fresh tasting!

Here's the Sweet and Sour Pork on the menu. A bit pricy? Yes, we thought so too.
And here's how it looked on the menu...
Here's the real deal! Sweet and Sour Pork!
Baked Chicken Cheese Ball for 280php
Here's how it looked on the menu...
It was served in a hot pot enclosed in a wooden box. It stayed hot the whole time... ^_^ And see how soupy it was? I guess my expectations are to be blamed. It was probably meant to be soupy since it was served in a pot.
Here's our Yang Chow Fried Rice. It looked dry, like it was one of the earlier batches of rice cooked for the evening but it served its purpose. We thought we would need one more but it was enough to fill us up. I think it costs more than 100php and their steamed rice (the plain one) costs 40php. That's tea at the bottom. You can request for tea while waiting for your food. You'll get your own pot.

The service is quick and we didn’t have to wait too long for our food.  I even didn’t have the time to take a sip of tea before the food was served.

Overall, it might be a little pricey (with the place given the name “Emperor”, it’s to be expected), but I guess what you’re paying for is the whole experience.  The spacious place, courteous crew, fast service and good food.  But if you’re on a budget and you just really want the same dishes and maybe even better tasting ones, you can go to Mandarin Wok or North Park.

Mario says it's ok...
...and I agree!

8 thoughts on “Hong Kong Emperor Seafood Restaurant – Dine like an Emperor

    1. It probably was because I really wanted the cheese flavor to stand out maybe just because of the name of the dish but it didn’t… Another thing is probably because I had my expectations set before the dish came out and it was different from what I had expected. ^_^;

      We’ll try the mango seafood roll next time, since it really looks good on your blog photos! Nice!


  1. oh my! this place is GREAT.. i celebrate my debut here and i feel like a princess :)) the food are also yummy supeer ..


    1. Ah… haven’t tried their dimsum yet… ^_^ But it’s on our list, so as soon as we come back, we’ll make sure to try them! Thanks for the tip! Nice article on HESR!


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