Red Mango – A MOA Experience

Red Mango, so many raves about their fresh fruits and wonderful serving so I’ve always been on the lookout when I saw the “RED MANGO – OPENING SOON” sign at one of the recently vacated stores in MOA.  At last, it’s open and we were there last February when it was still in “Soft-opening” mode.

The Location

If you dive by the bay area behind the mall and look up to the 2nd floor (only if you’re the passenger ^_^), then you’ll be able to see Red Mango at one of the corner stalls.  I’m sorry I can’t post the MOA store map like I always do because the map hasn’t been updated to include Red Mango yet.  I have a feeling that their store is where Azul used to be…  At the IMAX side of the entertainment mall (near North Parking).

About the Store

Their store space is relatively big for a yogurt shop but the beams and all the dividers make it look cramped.  (Yes, I know… Here I go again about cramped spaces. ^_^)  Their counter is big, really wide and there are some more unused counter space to the far right.  I hope they can turn that space into one more set of tables and chairs.  There’s also one dedicated corner for bean bags.  I like that corner!

Red Mango MOA
See what I mean when I said the beams and dividers are making the place look small? Although, even with the dividers and beams, you'll have enough room to go around and say hi to your friends on a different table. You can barely see it from this photo but the bean bags are at the background part of the photo...

Red Mango MOA
You can see the bean bag section here in this photo. It looks like a fun corner. ^_^
Red Mango MOA
Here’s a shot from outside the store (front).
This is from outside the shop, corner.  ^_^  (to Mario... "Yes, I know it's hot outside.")
This one is taken from the corner, outside the shop. ^_^ (To Mario... "Yes, I know it's hot outside.")
Red Mango MOA
Here's the counter. Very spacious and clean!
Red Mango MOA
You can see that there's unused counter space and floor space on the farther end of the counter. I'm not sure if they have plans for that corner. They can put one or 2 more tables but they have to add blinds for the glass windows.

Red Mango MOA
Here's another view of the counter. Looks delish?! ^_^ I sometimes go to these yogurt stores and wonder if I can just order the fruits and other toppings without the yogurt. ^_^

Their Service

Their crew work really fast and you can really see them dashing here and there, completing orders which almost looks like they’re panicking.  It’s all well and good since the orders come out fast and there’s almost no waiting time.  You can ask for a glass (more like plastic cup) of water if you need one.

The Food

We had 2 rounds of orders for our 1st Red Mango experience.  We didn’t want to leave yet because it was really hot that day, and we made a mistake of ordering nuts and choco chips as toppings for our first order when I heard that their specialty is fruits and I must say, that fruit topping is the way to go in Red Mango.

They offered 2 flavors of yogurt, plain and strawberry.  We loved the strawberry more than the plain, so we ordered large strawberries on our 2nd set.  I think this is a healthy way to spend a hot afternoon mall time.

Red Mango MOA
Their prices are fair and can be compared to other yogurt shops. They also have other items on their menu but we have yet to try them.
First of all, forgive me for posting such ugly blurry picture... ^_^ We didn't have our camera at that time except for the ones on our cellphones. This was taken using my Nokia E72. I'm still trying to tame the autofocus feature.  It's really stubborn at times.  Well, here's our orders.  On the left, strawberry yogurt with mochi and chocolate chips.  On the right, plain yogurt with almonds and chocolate chips.
I apologize for posting an ugly blurry picture. We didn't have our camera with us except for our cellphone cameras and I'm still getting used to the autofocus feature of my Nokia E72 phone. The autofocus feature can be very stubborn and really ineffective at times. Here are our orders! On the left, strawberry flavored yogurt with mochi and chocolate chips. On the right, classic yogurt with almonds and chocolate chips.

Red Mango MOA
For our 2nd set, we both had Large (all strawberry flavored yogurt) plus 1 topping, Mango. Love love love Strawberry Flavored Yogurt!!! They ran out of bowls so they served it in their take out cups.
Red Mango MOA
On one of the beams, they have a board where you can post your I love Red Mango messages. Look closely, there's one note from a customer endorsing a presidential candidate. ^_^

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