Roti Mum – Another Coffee Bun Experience

We always pass by their shop whenever we park at MOA’s South Parking area and as a mocha lover, I always wanted to try their Coffee Bun (that’s the only item they sell there, I think).  And there it was, another day at MOA, parked at South Parking, another chance to try their Coffee Bun!

About Their Shop

We didn’t have a lot of photo opportunities so allow me to just give you a description of the place (and there’s really not a lot to describe).

The shop doesn’t have any table where you can eat your coffee buns, so it’s really a shop where you can buy something to eat while “malling” or something to take home.  Take-home buns area probably what they’re trying to go for since there were a lot of boxes stacked and ready to be filled in by buns!  Behind the counter, you’ll see the huge ovens and beside them are the freshly baked coffee buns.

Since they didn’t have tables, we ate our Coffee Buns at The White Hat which is just a few steps from their shop.

About the Price and the Buns

It’s priced higher than Kopi Roti at 50php for the ordinary Coffee Bun and 55php for the Chocolate Coffee Bun.  That’s a bit of a turnoff because from where we were standing, I could already see how the buns looked like and they don’t seem to be worth that much.  Anyway, we ordered 1 of each (Coffee Bun for me and Chocolate Coffee Bun for Mario).

When we got our buns, we were a bit disappointed.  They don’t look as yummy and as puffy as the ones in Kopi Roti.  The coffee bun didn’t seem to have the outer crust that would crumble upon biting.  The center part of the chocolate bun “caved in”.  We thought that the chocolate buns would have chocolate filling, it turns out, it would just be chocolate crust (our bad for not asking).

Top - Coffee Bun / Bottom - Chocolate Coffee Bun.  Mario was excited to check if there's chocolate filling so he took a bite before we took this photo.  <no filling>
Top - Coffee Bun / Bottom - Chocolate Coffee Bun. Mario was excited to check if there's chocolate filling so he took a bite before we took this photo.

About the Taste

I was really looking forward to eating my first Roti Mum Coffee Bun after tasting the wonderful buns at Kopi Roti, but this experience can’t compare to that.  As Mario described it, it tasted as though we were eating ordinary bread (that cost 50php)…


I don’t know if we bought buns of a not-s0-good batch or it was because we were eating the buns with frozen yogurt, that’s why it didn’t taste special…  I don’t think we’ll try their buns again (unless we happen to pass by and see a good batch of buns coming out from the oven).


10 thoughts on “Roti Mum – Another Coffee Bun Experience

    1. Yep! Kopi Roti is better in terms of price, taste and look. We find ourselves wanting to go back for more Kaya Toast and to take home a whole box of Kopi Buns!

      I’ll give Roti Mum another chance if, as I said, we happen to pass by and see better looking buns than what we first had from them the first time.


  1. What a pity culture of filipino businessman. It’s very obvious that you are trying to destroy the image of this company so that people will not go to them but instead patronized the kopi roti. I bet ur one of the owner of Kopi Roti hahahaha.


    1. Im not here to say bad things about their product because honestly their product is good, but people who want to franchise please beware, they are not good business partners. they are better off doing the business alone instead of partnering with other people who might be victimized by their unprofessional ways. they are very good talkers and when you have paid them in full, their support goes bad! I do hope that the Franchisers Association of the Philippines first review all their previous franchisee before they accept their application.


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