Pit Stop. Valkyrie – Movie

We finished our gelato at around 12:30PM and it was way too early to go to our next stop ( Lime 88 ) which opens 5PM according to the blogs (we later found out they open at 6PM).  5 hours with nothing to do is a long time.  We’ve been to almost all the stores in Walter Mart and we’re too full to spend time eating any place else so we decided to watch a movie and check what their movie house is like.

About the Movie House

My real intention was to sleep so we prayed that their movie system wasn’t guaranteeing seats, and we’re lucky!  Free-seating and can get in anytime (also means can get out anytime you want)!  With my intention to sleep and to get as close as possible to 5PM, that was perfect!

When we entered, we first notice that the cinema is much smaller than the ones in SM Mall of Asia (of course) but there were a lot of seats available.  We came in when the movie has just ended (credits were rolling).  We sat and, boy what a relief!  The seats were comfortable and if I were to describe them, they’re like custom car seats for racing.  Plus, the arm rests can be folded up!  We let it stay down, though, because we badly needed to rest and the arm rest allowed us the support for the right sleeping position.

About the Movie

Amazingly, I didn’t sleep through the movie ads and the first part of the movie but as soon as I thought I knew what I needed to know about the background of Tom Cruise (lead actor in the movie), I forced myself to sleep.

Luckily, I woke up at the climax of the movie, and even though I slept through the parts where the main characters were introduced, that didn’t make the climax hard to understand.  I didn’t lose any important information to be able to catch up what’s going on towards the end of the movie.

I think this was a good true-story-based movie that tells tales of heroism.

Picture taken from "http://www.slashfilm.com"
Picture taken from "http://www.slashfilm.com"


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