2nd Stop. Aling Lucing’s Sisig – Lunch

We weren’t planning on going to Aling Lucing’s Sisig, instead, we wanted to have our lunch at Petra and Pilar.  What I didn’t know is Petra and Pilar was closed on Feb. 14 except for their Delmundo shop.  We just bought the much raved about corned beef (I’ll post a review on this later) and decided to find a place to eat.

Luckily, just standing outside Petra and Pilar’s shop, I saw Aling Lucing’s Sisig not far away (just in the corner of Chino Roces and Buendia).  We moved from where we parked (in front of Petra and Pilar) and in less than 2 minutes we were parked and getting out of the car at Aling Lucing’s Sisig.  I read this from AOP too so it wouldn’t be bad to try it out.

Everything was about sisig and I love sisig so much I’ve tried it in so many different restobars and grill restos.  I ordered Combo 1 (Sisig with Vegetables for 69php) and Mario ordered Combo 2 (Sisig with BBQ for 75php).  No drinks yet on all their combo meals so we ordered Fit ‘n Right separately.

About the Store

It’s just like a huge canteen and it felt quite empty (maybe because it was a Saturday when we went there?).  Somehow, it made me feel that the place was a little run-down.  Nevertheless, because of it’s “canteen” ambience, we felt comfortable the moment we stepped in and just let lose.  I don’t have pictures of the store but I’ll update this post once I get some on my next trip.  When I got home, I re-read Anton’s review on the shop and notice the big difference on how the shop looked like back in 2006 when it had just opened vs. the shop as it is now.  3 years probably does a lot of things to a restaurant.

About the Sisig, Vegatables and BBQ

The sisig, as Mario describes it, “Melts in your mouth…”  It was uniquely good in a way that when most sisig cooks try to make their dish crunchy, in Aling Lucing’s Sisig, they make their sisig sorta mashed (but don’t look mashed).  The bits were so soft and went down easily.  It’s not spicy (hot) but it’s ok.  For 69php I think I got my money’s worth of sisig (and vegetables).  I still don’t think it’s the best sisig I’ve ever tasted but something I’d be willing to order again.

On top, torso of a hungry customer named "Mario", middle is the Combo 2 (Sisig with BBQ) and at the bottom is Combo 1 (Sisig with Vegetables).
On top, torso of a hungry customer named "Mario", middle is the Combo 2 (Sisig with BBQ) and at the bottom is Combo 1 (Sisig with Vegetables).

For the vegetables on Combo 1, I got to choose from bean sprouts (touge) or steamed vegies (or was it buttered? – the lady on the counter doesn’t really know how the other set of vegies were cooked).  Nothing to rave about the touge.  They were ok, I guess.

And the last piece would be the BBQ.  I didn’t hear any “Mmmm… Sarap!” from Mario so I guess that one too is ordinary.

Time to eat!  Itadakimasu!
Time to eat! Itadakimasu!

Overall, when you’re hungry and happen to be at Chino Roces, you can stop by Aling Lucing’s Sisig shop for an inexpensive meal that’s good enough to satisfy your hunger.

*  For more info on the shop’s address/contact number and menu, you may view this Munch Punch page.


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